Hey, he’s into you …

I admit that when I was younger I really want to know if my crush likes me,too. There are times that you see him staring or looking at you and suddenly pretends like nothing. There is this romantic excitement when he is doing that. How do we know he is into you? Does he give you hints?


  • Conversations with you won’t stop. – Guys are not talkative except if they are with their friends but when a guy is interested with a gal, no matter what the topic is even if it is boring he will listen and talk to her.


  • Looking at you when he is talking. – Oh,yeah! I know this awkward but this is a good sign that he likes you. It means that he is real on what he is sharing to you. They don’t normally look straight in the eyes but all of us know the feeling when he looks at you.


  • He is in a good mood when he sees you. – If he feels this way yes you better be happy. If he is in a bad mood try to pass by him and if it changes it’s a sign.


  • He commits on something. – It’s not literally as in relationship I mean is for example you invite him to watch a movie or concert and if commits on it, this is a sign that he likes you. Like if is not interested, why will he spend time with you not with his friends?


  • He is being true to you and to himself. – This is the best sign. It’s really good if he is true to you because is not hiding himself. It means he is not a liar. He will say and express himself to you.



I am not good at these but I am trying to share the things that is related or I had experience with. Hope you enjoy reading this blog posts and more to come 🙂

Have a great week to us! CHEERS!!!

Stay in love ♥♥♥



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