When To End “US”


Ending up a relationship is too hard to handle. Makes me you feel s***. Ooppss! Sorry for the words. “Let’s break up!” it is easy to say right!  What if you both realize one day that you are not both meant for each other. Okay! I watch a lot of romantic movies and sometimes it ends up like this. There are many things that can lead to ending up your relationship. Arguments. Misunderstandings. Falling out of love. It’s not you,it’s me ( this is a WHATEVER reason! ) . When can you feel that you needed to end up the word “US” and be “HIS and HER”.

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Spaces between US. No doubt this can lead to break up. It’s okay to say that you need your “ME” time but if it is too much that way you can’t have your time with your partner. It’s better to say “bye-bye!”


No Effort for US. If you both feel that the relationship is getting nowhere but your the only one who do all the efforts it’s better to pack up the scene and leave. Always remember that it’s not always you and me there should be us.


Lies too many lies. This can destroy a relationship. The trust that you both build to each other is fading and all gone. You pretend that everything between us are okay but it’s not.


Avoiding US. It means that when you call or send messages your partner doesn’t care at all. Or almost all of the times you turn off your phone or go on a silent mode. When you see him/her faraway you just go away or poof! You’re not listening to what he/she is talking or making an eye to eye contact with your partner.


Not having fun with US. You get mad easily if your partner jokes on you. Get offended for nothing. You find yourself in a bad mood for nothing. You are not excited to meet or just be lazy to see each other. If you are together you want to shorten the time.


No Future for US. If we are enjoying our relationship we dream and plan a lot together. Even if your relationship is still fresh you can see him/her in the future. Having a family and waking up beside your partner. If the relationship is at the near end all of it is nothing and you the future for you both are so blurry.


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Yes, it’s better to end up US than to stay in the relationship that you are not happy with. The feeling is like locking in a prison and wanting to be free. Time and Love heals remember. If you are not meant to be together probably there is someone better for you!

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“Breakups hurt, but losing someone who doesn’t respect and appreciate you is actually a gain, not a loss.”

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