I am SINGLE because …


That question is killing you. I know. If you are still single and suddenly someone asks you about it. When you realize that  all your friends are married and in a relationship and your left out. Teasing you sucks. I have friends that single and I am so curious of their answers to that question. Did you ask yourself why am I still single? What’s wrong with me? There are lots of reasons why and I will list them below ( these are based on my friends answer )

  • I am being SELECTIVE. – Why? We are trying to develop a fantasy guy or gal in our mind.  We are having an ideal person that we like or dream.



  • I haven’t found THE ONE for me yet?Waiting for the right one. Waiting for your “prince and princess charming”. This expression is forever reason for single people. 


  • AFRAID to love again. – The reason for this : the past relationship. The pain  is still there and you think that the history repeats itself.


  • Can’t meet my STANDARDS. – Having high standards is a big no-no. Remember it has to be realistic.


  •  Can’t get over with EX. – You are still in love with your ex. Reminiscing the moments that you had. Can’t move forward.


  • I can’t be BY MYSELF. – It means that friends are important. Whatever I do and whenever I go they need be there.


  • Afraid of COMMITMENTS. –  There are people who don’t like being committed because they think they won’t have the  freedom. Commitments are only for serious people as they say.


  • Always in the FRIENDZONE area. – You have feelings for him but… You’re always there but ….  You do all the efforts but … he loves you ONLY as a friend.


  • DON’T BELIEVE in true love. – It doesn’t exist. It’s just a fantasy. Bitterness about relationship is within yourself.


  • I am NOT INTERESTED anymore. – You get bored of him so fast. Get offended when he jokes. Not replying to his messages and break up.


  • Being in a relationship is NOT MY PRIORITY. – You are more focus in your career and family. You are also not worry about being single at all.


It is still your own decision to be single. We just have to respect what do they want in their lives. We don’t have to pressure them to be in a relationship. I think some of them say :  ” It’s better to be single than being in a with someone that is not worth it.”

NOTE : Credits to my friends : MARIE AND BARTY for helping me with my posts. JEM for inspiring me. LUV YAH!!! ♥♥♥


” Appreciate being Single because that when you grow the most… and with that growth, you come to know what you are looking for.”
– Daniel Goddard



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