Why Some Guys Are Afraid Of COMMITMENTS?


I know that not all guys like commitments and there are reasons behind it. While I was talking to a friend, we had a heart to heart talk and she told me the reason why the guy she likes doesn’t want to commit. She gives me an idea to write a blog post about it. I ask some of my friends about this topic and I will list it down below :

He has PRIORITIES – This can be the top of the list. But all of us have priorities in life. I think that he doesn’t want to commit it’s because his family, friends and career is more important. He doesn’t want to have conflicts between you and him.


He is NOT SURE IF YOU’RE RELATIONSHIP WILL WORKCommitments have risk and it’s not good to hear if he invests too much and it won’t work the way he wanted it to be. But you can’t be sure if you won’t be in the relationship.


He is after THE SEX – This is for real. Some guys are just out there doing this all the time. Most of his relationship involves sex.


He NOT INTO YOU – He may find you nice and fun but he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you. It’s a “FriendZone” for you and it’s too difficult to handle but you have to accept it and move on.


He DOESN’T WANT DEEPER RELATIONSHIP – He really isn’t ready to be in a relationship. He might find it to difficult to be with someone.


RELATIONSHIP is NOT in his vocabulary – Avoiding ” THE REAL SCORE ” between you and him. He is not taking it seriously and he is not exclusive.


He CHANGES HIS ACTIONS  – He likes you now and  will act like he is your boyfriend. Then the next time you meet he will changes the actions because he realizes that he is not ready to commit.


He is JUST PLAYIN’ – There are chances that he will lose in dating other women. He just wants to goof around with others and being committed is not on his list.


He is IN LOVE SOMEONE ELSE – He is in love but the bad thing is… it’s not YOU. He has someone in his mind.


He is not FINANCIALLY STABLEWomen wants to be secured in the relationship so some guys are thinking twice to be committed because money is important for the future.


These are just few reasons. There are more but I can’t list it all. Anyway, I still respect some other men reasons but I just hope that in time they will have the courage to commit in the relationship if they are sure that they love the woman.

“Credits to my friends JEM and BARTY for the suggestion and helping me on this post. <3″


” Sometimes good relationships end not due to the absence of love but because of the lack of commitment and dedication.”





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