Let’s Break Up


Start of the relationship ……. After …….. The End.  You’re asking yourself why did you break up? There should be a reason but you can’t find the answer. Some couples rush to be in love and they won’t stay long in a relationship. You regret the break up and you tell yourself if you know it you should at least save the relationship.  And because you are insensitive you can’t feel that in time you and your partner break up.

There are a lot of reasons that you know why couples break up. I tried look for some answers about the break ups and of course some are based on my personal experiences. And I will list it down here.

1. NO MORE TRUST TRUST is the most important thing I can see in the relationship. If you don’t trust your partner, you don’t deserve to be in the relationship.


2. INSECURITY STRIKES : This kills you slowly. We spend too many nights about thinking if our SO loves us. This can make us insecure and affects our relationship. When you love someone , be sure that you are 100% into it and no space for insecurities.


3. WHY ARE YOU WITH ME? : We all get into a relationship, cause there are things we want from it, make the list of things why are you in a relationship. Getting into a relationship just because your friends have boyfriends or girlfriends don’t work just like you are in a relationship cause it’s too boring to be single.

4. YOU NEED ME BECAUSE YOU LOVE ME , YOU LOVE ME BECAUSE YOU NEED ME: Many of us make this mistake. We get into a relationship cause we need someone by our side to care and love us. Sometimes just to get the feeling of being like a person that wants having a partner.This is a tricky scenario, Once you finish of ‘being in love’, reality starts biting. You understand that you don’t need anyone / need someone better, and it starts a painful ending of a relationship.


5. JEALOUSY STRIKES : This is one of the reasons of the breakup of romantic relationships. Being paranoid can trigger violence, which can (and should) be why a couple breaks up! Unreal jealousy isn’t as common as the normal jealousy, but both can cause serious relationship problems.


6. SOCIAL NETWORKING – Being in a relationship are meant to be personal and intimate. With the rise of social networking and its intrusion into our lives, we have become slaves of the internet. If you expose your relationship too much online there are people will be involve.


7. WE’RE NOT COMPATIBLEYour partner wants something this way. You want something the other way.  You have different views and values. A lot of differences and arguments rises.Relationship ends.


8. CHEATING – This is one of the reasons,too. You can’t control and avoid the temptation but if you are loyal to your partner cheating can be avoided. This is just a excuse for someone that aren’t to be trusted.


9. LACK OF COMMUNICATION –  It’s a severe aspect of finding the right shot between your differences. If you can’t communicate well , you will never find common ground. If you never find common ground, you will never be able to accept your partner’s mindset. If you cannot accept their mindset, you relationship is wrecked.


10. PLAYING GAMES – It’s funny but it’s true. You’re too focused on the games that you are playing you don’t have time with your partner. You have your own world and sometimes it can lead to violence.


These are just few reasons and I can’t write more of it. Just remember that breaking up is part of relationship it can end well or not. Every break ups should be respected and no violence. I have more posts about Break ups so you can check it out :







“Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together.”


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