Why CLOSURE hurts most?

 Last time I posted about : BREAK-UP

This is the second topic that I have in mind. This is short and very simple post but surely you can learn from it.


What does CLOSURE really mean? Why it is hard to move on and leave the past behind? Why do still feel the pain after break up even you are in good terms? When you meet you think you already moved on but it’s not the what you think . There are times through help of friends and relatives you are picking up the pieces that had been shattered. But sometimes we can’t get over the past. There are times that we can’t understand ourselves why the other person leaves or cheats. And because we still love the person and we invested much on the relationship we can’t stop thinking them.

It’s so easy to say that you have move on but it’s not easy to do it. If you check the meaning of closure in the dictionary :  To attempt to ‘move on’ following the termination of a relationship with another individual. Do we really understand it? It’s really important to have closure because we can’t fully move on or accept that we are not in the relationship anymore. If there’s no closure we can’t commit, trust or be in a relationship for the next time. 

Closure fails because there are situations that they don’t fully understand it. Some people will break up and then make up so they can’t have the peace that they wanted. All of the situations can be harder to leave because of the reality of it all. Being together and staying is easy but you can’t feel any happiness when you are with them.






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