Heal My Broken Heart

Last time I wrote about Closure and now let’s go to the Healing process. Healing takes time. After the break up hurt and pain is existing and it’s the same as the person is undergoing withdrawal in an addiction. You may not erase that person completely in your mind. But being positive in life can help you getting over with it. But starting to pick up the pieces is a good start of your healing process.


Closing doors from the past doesn’t mean to leave it behind. Experiences like good especially bad memories can help us to learn from it. Healing from the bad experiences can help us grow and start a new. Whenever you feel the sadness, hurt  and pain try to face it. Breathe in and out.


It isn’t good when someone told you that your ex is a loser or it’s a good thing you broke up. Try to tell them what you really feel about the pain and later on you will realize that it’s easy to talk about it. It’s okay to be reminded of the past. There are times that you think that you already end the relationship you will feel that you have this bitterness inside you. If it can make you feel better try to list down things that can you can feel the pain or the things that you never said to him.


Acceptance is the main key to healing. When you see your ex : What comes to your mind?  What if he/she will introduce me as his/her EX? What will you react? Now that your relationship is over you shouldn’t feel any bitterness. Try to remember that your ex is not the worst person in your life. He did hurt you but he can help you heal, too.


Not everyone can Forgive their ex. It takes a tough person to do it. When your ex asks forgiveness give it. But true forgiveness should be real and committed. But it’s not always with the ex ask forgiveness to him/her,too. Once you do it, it means that thorn that was in there was pull out and the scars are healing.


Hoping for a better relationship in the future can ease the pain. It’s fine to look back the past but stay positive with it. It is a matter of time to see that Smile again. Closure doesn’t mean that the painful memories are gone and it doesn’t mean that it’s a cycle. It is accepting the past and be committed to the future on moving on.



” When you can tell the story and it doesn’t bring up any pain and tears, then you are Healed.”
– Lvania Vanzant




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