Types of Boyfriends

I got this idea from a Youtube video but it is ” Types of Girlfriends”. The vlogger is really good in describing because I think I am one of the women he mentioned on the video. On my blog post, I will share the different kinds of boyfriend that we women have.


  • Mr. Nice Guy – Honestly, this is the kind of guy that most women want. He is the guy that we watch in a romantic movie. Having romantic dates, giving you surprises,flowers etc.


  • Mr. Douche Bag – He is not contended and he is conceited. He  wants to be on the top and you find him so annoying. He has a lot of ego and you are not important to him.


  • Mr. Jealousy – He is not understanding the word ” TRUST “.  Talking to a guy friend makes him boiling. He is very possessive and he always keep an eye on YOU.


  • Mr. Insecurity – He is a type of guy that is self centered. He is in doubt about the love of his girlfriend. He is narcissistic but has low self esteem.


  • Mr. Smarty Pants – You can have a quality conversation with him. He is not the nerdy type but you can learn a lot of things from him.


  • Mr. Bad BoyGood girls like them. He has this mysterious character that you can’t resist.  He is damn hot!


No matter what type of boyfriend you have as long as you love him truly it’s enough. I’ll be posting “ TYPES OF GIRLFRIENDS ” soon.


” Love you without reason, for no reason I want you, need you also without reason, but I know you are just the man I’m looking for. “




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