Types Of Girlfriends

Last time I posted about different Types of Boyfriends and now I want to share different Types of Girlfriends. It is still inspired by the vlog that I watched on YouTube. On my post I will name names on them below.


  • Ms. Chesty Cheating – She is selfish and she thinks she can have it all. Within the relationship she will reach to the point where she has a lot of guys  than with her boyfriend. Generally this type of ‘gal‘ will get caught after her unsuspecting partner finds out about it.


  • Ms. Wendy Wifey – This gal can’t wait to settle down, buy a house and wants to have babies and be with you in the future. She isn’t bothered about who you are or what you look like. She is good in the kitchen , can be a superwoman and a ” wife material woman ” .


  • Ms. Cony Commander – This gal is not the kind of woman that you are looking for. She can restraint you for doing something. Physically, you think she is the perfect one for you but inside she is your worst nightmare. This is the type of girlfriend who is very demanding and most of the time commanding.



  • Ms. Dana Drama – The best drama actress #mygirlfriend.  You don’t know if she is  an attention seeker, just acting or  being  a brat. She cries when you’re together and  wants you to defend her at all times, and always wants you to care for her. She feels that she is the pitiful one.


  • Ms. Hello then Goodbye – Today, your status is “in relationship” then tomorrow is back to “single and ready to mingle” status. For no reason why it has to end so soon like that? Maybe both of you are not ready to be in a relationship. It’s not that you are not meant to be, it’s not everything you want. Things don’t work out for both of you. So better stop!


  • Ms. NBSB ( No Boyfriend Since Birth ) – Conservative , still a virgin and very sensitive. She follows strict rules in your relationship like :  No touch, no holding hands, no kiss and definitely no sex until you propose to her and get married! It’s hard to find and it will take you a very long wait. But she is worth the wait and I think that’s what all guys are looking for.


  • Ms. Betty Bitter – A type of girlfriend who can’t move on and can’t accept that the relationship either in a short term or long term was over. She has lots of questions in her mind. That is the ” WHAT IF” questions. When you tell her that she is so bitter she will deny it immediately.  When you broke up with your boyfriend, leave it behind and get over with it.


  • Ms. Mary Martyr – She is head over heels in love with her boyfriend. Even if she found out that her boyfriend is cheating on her and knows that he wants her to be out of his life.  She just ignores it for the love because she is in love. She is numb with pain and  feelings but very pretentious. Pretending that everything’s fine and okay. Trying to hide her shattered being that’s why she decided to be strong.


  • Ms. Demi Dreamy – She has a beautiful face, sexy, smart and she is a girl whom you can be proud of. She is your dream girl. Well, honestly, just in your dreams and too bad she doesn’t exist at all  because she’s too perfect for you.


You can check out : BOYFRIENDS


” A Girl should be like a Butterfly. Pretty to see, hard to catch.”


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