Busy Mode ( Weekend Hangover Pt. 1 ) Late Post!!!

I was too busy last weekend… Booked… I still have a hangover with my weekend and it was a blast. Days are passing by and I still feel tired.  I will tell you about it…


Saturday, March 25,2017

My friend and I went to an event. It was a meet and greet with Michelle Dy. She is a famous Youtuber and Make-up guru here in the Philippines. Honestly, I’ve known here because one of my friends let me checked her videos and since then I am enjoying watching her videos/vlogs. I like her because she very natural when vlogging meaning to say what you is what you get. I was so excited to meet and her and luckily I had a selfie with her and she is so beautiful.


Ms. Michelle Dy

The event was held in URBN in Timog Avenue in Quezon city. It’s of the metro’s most distinguished lounges/nightclubs in Metro Manila.  Lining up outside the venue was so tiring and we were hungry,too. At last, we went in, the venue was full packed because there are a lot of people. I was so happy to see other vloggers,too. I already posted photos on my personal Instagram and Facebook account.

We went home past 6 o’clock in the evening. We really stayed and waited there so we can have photos with her. We were so happy after even if we were tired and hungry. Downside was we didn’t get any lootbags ( giveaways ). So sad. Well, that’s life.  Still it was great.


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Thank you. Mamshie Michelle… See you again on your next meet and greet! Lurve you ❤


Please check her vlogs : Michelle Dy ( Youtube )


“The weekends are too short for sleep!”
― Bryant A. Loney, To Hear The Ocean Sigh


Indéfini Lipstick Review: Smooth Latte


Hello! I ordered another lipstick from a friend. This product is different. This is Sophie Paris. This product is from Indonesia. Before I ordered it I tried to check the online brochure. I thought that the color was kind of red shade but when it was given to me. The shade is like orange-brown shade.  I guess based on the name itself it has orange-brown shade ( silly me!! ). Its fine so I want to give it a try.


Brand: Indéfini Lipstick by Sophie Paris

Name: Smooth Latte

Net Wt: 4g

MADE in Indonesia

Price: Php95/each |  Approx. USD$2.00

Where to buy: Sophie Paris website


  •  For me, the packaging is simple. I just like the  heart design on it.
  • When you apply it has a smooth finish. It has a soft matte effect.
  • You can’t buy it anywhere you have to check the website or if you know someone that is selling Sophie Paris and has brochure you can order it.
  • The longevity of the lipstick probably 3-4 hours.
  • It’s cheaper from other lipstick brands.
  • I like the smell of it and it doesn’t have greasy  texture.
  • It suits my skin tone and it looks good on my lip.

    DEE’s POV:

    Color & Pigment:    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  4/5

    Longevity:   ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 3/5

    Price:   ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 5/5

    Overall Experience:   ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 4/5


     The result of the lipstick on me is different it has a natural – pinkish effect on my lip.I have the same opinion with the last review that I had. Will I recommend it? Yes, I will. I just wish that the color is different from the website ( pictures can be deceiving ) 😛


The Result ❤


Color|Full Love Your Lips Matte Lipstick Review

Every time I see lipsticks I want them for real. I want to collect different kind of shades. For now, I am trying this “Color|Full Love Your Lips Matte Lipstick” by Tupperware. I ordered from a friend and I am satisfied with the color of it. I got “Champagne” ( it’s a natural shades ) and “Perfect Pink” ( well, I am addicted to the color ). I love the result when I applied it to my lip because it gives me the look that I wanted. Well below I will list down Information of the Product and Pros and Cons about the lipstick :



Brand: Tupperware Brands PH – Color|Full

Name: Love Your Lips Matte

Net Wt: 4g

MADE in the Philippines

Price: Php109.00/each | PROMO: 2 for Php179.00 – Approx. USD3.89

Where to buy: Tupperware Brands PH


  • The packaging is such a cutey because there are hearts design on it.
  • They glides on smoothly on your lips, and will settle finely on the chapped lips line.
  • It is matte but it doesn’t dry on your lip and it has a glossy effect.
  • The lipstick lasted for about 3-4 hours.
  • It is cheaper than the other brands and it has promo on going.
  • You can’t buy it anywhere you need to buy it online or if you know someone that is selling tupperware brands.
  • The quality is nice for it’s price.
  • Even though it’s matte it’s not dry on your lips.


Color & Pigment:    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 4/5

Longevity:   ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 3/5

Price:   ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 5/5

Overall Experience:   ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 4/5


Thanks for reading 🙂  Have a good day ❤

Lippie and Liquid Eyeliner Review

Last time I wrote about trends of 2016 especially makeups. I ordered a liquid black eyeliner and a red lipstick. Yesterday, I have the items and I was satisfied by it.


Let’s start with :


I am looking for an eyeliner that can stay on my eyes longer and cannot be wash out easily. I bought an eyeliner before but I am not a fan of it because it has glitters and the color is grayish. I really thought that it’s black.

I like this eyeliner because it is a pencil style so it is easy to use. The packaging is nice and i love the color it’s yellow ( but I love pink ) .The tip of it is fine and once you put it on no smudge at all. You can make a fine lines and the winged eye is perfect. There is no stinging sensation because the skin on my eyes are very sensitive with chemicals and had experience it before. The price is not that expensive : 249 pesos ( $ 5.23 ). It doesn’t was out easily and it can stay longer ( I applied it 12PM and until end time 11PM it is still fine ). I just hope the content can be like 2-3ml. All in all I love it.

Ratings:★★★★☆ 4/5

Tried to make a longer line using it ❤

( sorry not good at doing the collage right hahaha 😛 )


Here’s the look of it 🙂



I mentioned it the last time that I want to buy a red lipstick and I am so happy that I have it. This lipstick has the same brand as my pink one. I am not a fan of red lipstick but I think trying something new from the one I used to is fun.


I love the smell of it and the color is not that the very bright. This a little glossy type of lipstick. It is smooth when you apply it. The packaging is nice and at the lower part of it is the name of the lipstick and the number of it so if you want to buy it again it’s easy to check. This lipstick is very cheap 89pesos ($1.89). The lipstick don’t stay longer on the lip and it fades once you drink or eat something. If I want to achieve the right color that I want I have to apply for two times. But for that price this lipstick is okay.

 Ratings: ★★★☆☆

Here’s the lipstick : ( I tried to top it with a lip balm and the color change… my bad!)

After this I tried to do my make up ♥

Tada!!! The Results 🙂


I think it wasn’t that bad I love my look and sorry for the ugly face 🙂 I am good at eyebrow so don’t mind it 🙂 Thank you for reading!

Much Love ♥♥♥

Beauty Trends 2016 ( my choice )

I am a fan of beauty. I love watching videos of people doing there make up. I am lucky to have friends that are good in doing make up and they are teaching me on how to apply this and that. While at work, I tested my friend’s dark red lipstick and I think it fits me. I am starting to change pink to red this 2016. I ordered a red lipstick to my co-worker and I will review about this once I have it. I tried to look for make up trends this year and check what will suit me. These lists are based on the articles that  I read online.


Experts said that blue eye shadow is a trend this year. You can use different shades of it and can make it simple or have smoky eyes. They already showcase the blue eye shadow trends in a fashion show. Checking online , an expert said that it can accentuate the eyes and giving a fun kick color. Below are the fun way to use the blue eye shadows :



Falsies are trend this 2016,too. You can try different designs or add up some diamonds or rhinestones below your eyes. They said it can help your eyes to have an intense look.



Red lipstick will never goes out of style. We can wear it anywhere or whenever we can. We use dark to bright red lipsticks. It can be glossy or matte type of lipstick.Whatever you want to wear.



I saw this lipstick used by the Kardashian and I tried to buy mine but I gave it to my friend because I have strong features so if I put it on my lip I look so different. This kind of lipstick will still be a trend this year if you just want to change the classic red thing. You can go ahead and try different kind of shades in the market.



Glossy look can be stylish this year. It can be used in your eyes, cheeks or even lips. Make up artists said that it can highlights every part of your face. It can make you look natural.



Hairstylist, Antonio Corral Calero said that he wants a real woman to recreate the look at home. They’ve come up on how to do knots and twist on hairs but still can look elegant. You can wear it whenever you want to, either high or low bun or pony tails.



In 2016,there are hair colors that will stand out. The trends for 2016, they said that if your blonde you will go darker this year and that’s what you called Bronde. Dip dyed hair. Ronze color is a trend,too and it is a mixture of copper red and bronze brown.Opal or Rainbow hair color if you want to experiment and make fun with your hair.

These are the trends that I read about beauty. Hope this can give you an idea. I am trying to choose in hair colors because mine was golden blonde I am thinking to go darker but I am not yet sure of it. Thanks for reading 🙂


Monomola Lip Wow Tattoo Lipstick ( Review )

This was a gift from my mom’s friend and I am very happy because I love lipsticks but I am surprise to see that the color is cherry red. I am not really a fan of Red lipstick because I think that it won’t look good on me ( sorry to say that ). I am not familiar with Monomola brand and when I tried to check it online it is korean brand and my friend said that this brand is good. I am not really sure on how to use this lipstick so I checked You tube for videos. It’s funny because it is struggle for me on the first time to use it.


Monomola Wow Long Lasting Lip Tattoo Lipstick has different types they have :

Lovely Peach

Rose Pink

Sweet Orange

Sexy Red

Cherry Red ( mine )

C360_2015-10-28-10-56-23-767 C360_2015-10-28-10-56-33-815

These are the steps on how to use it :


I have my own photos and I looked for closer photos on how to use it.

  1. I use cotton swab so I can manage to apply the lipstick on. If your lip is not smooth you can go ahead and try to do a lip scrub before applying it. When you apply the lipstick it needs to be thick so you can peel it off later. So that it will be easier you can apply first on the top part of your lip and next is the lower part.
  2. Once you apply it, you need to wait for 5 – 10 minutes or until it dries.
  3. Peel it off slowly ( don’t worry it is not painful ). You can see that the lipstick is already there and it’s like a natural lip color.
  4. Lastly, if there’s some excess from peeling off you can use a wet cotton to clean the sides of your lip.If you want it to be more shiny you can apply lip balm.

Result :



  • The quality of the lipstick when you touch it is smooth and sticky. My friend said that she bought a fake monomola lipstick and made her lip cracked.
  • No itchiness feeling when you damp the liquid part of the lipstick.
  • It won’t leave any mark.
  • It is like a Natural lips
  • I love the package because it is eye catching and cute. It is a tube like lipstick.
  • For me, I love the smell of the cherry red.


  • For first time users, it’s a little struggle for applying in the right line on your lip.
  • Drying time is a little long.
  • Not recommended if you are in a rush.
  • It’s kinda expensive ($12.79 convert to Philippine Peso 599.00) here in the Philippines you can just buy it online.
  • It lasted for 6 – 8 hours with drinking water and eating.

All in all I love this lipstick because it is just natural for me. It is handy so I can just put it on my kit. I hope this can help you guys. I am not really good in reviews but I am trying my best. Thanks for reading 🙂 Much love ❤

Beauty Blogger Award

Thanks Manikui for nominating in this award. I was surprise of this nomination. 🙂 I do appreciate and feel flattered about it. You can guys check her site ❤


* Thank the nominee and tag them
* Answer the questions you were given
* Nominate 10 people who’s blog is about beauty or fashion
* Make 10 questions
* Inform the nominees


Questions by Manikui:

1. What’s your favourite cereal?

I don’t really like eating cereals but when I was young I love Kellog’s cornflakes.
2. Your favourite type of blog post to write?

I love writing about my long distance relationship with my boyfriend because this is the only way I can express how I feel for him and he reads my blog posts,too.
3. Your favourite type of blog post to read?

I like to read about beauty,fashion and ldr blog posts.
4. What are three things on your wishlist?

  • To earn enough money to have a house.
  • To travel with my boyfriend when he’s here.
  • To have a small business of my own.

5. What is your most prized possession?

I think my cellphone. I use it every single day. without my phone I can communicate with my friends, mom and my boyfriend easily.
6. What is the nicest thing someone has said to you that you can remember?

“You are beautiful. Don’t mind other people that are judging you they don’t know you. Remember this  SMILE is the best revenge.”
7. Do you like reading? What’s your favourite book?

Honestly, I am not into reading. 🙂 The only book that I read and I focus was “Fifty Shades of Grey” because I am very curious about Christian Grey.
8. Fruits or vegetables?

9. TV or films?

10. Most annoying part of your daily routine?

Commuting everyday going to work and sometimes staying for a long time on the road because of traffic.














10 Questions for my nominees:

  1. When did you start blogging?
  2. What motivates you in writing blog posts?
  3. Who are your inspirations on your blog?
  4. How many times in a week do you write your blog?
  5. Can you give some tips in writing posts.
  6. What do you do on your free time?
  7. Who is your fashion or make up inspirations?
  8. Do you have haters?
  9. What do you do or say to your haters?
  10. Give inspirational quote for people who wants to be a good blogger.

Thanks much ❤