Busy Mode ( Weekend Hangover Pt. 1 ) Late Post!!!

I was too busy last weekend… Booked… I still have a hangover with my weekend and it was a blast. Days are passing by and I still feel tired.  I will tell you about it…


Saturday, March 25,2017

My friend and I went to an event. It was a meet and greet with Michelle Dy. She is a famous Youtuber and Make-up guru here in the Philippines. Honestly, I’ve known here because one of my friends let me checked her videos and since then I am enjoying watching her videos/vlogs. I like her because she very natural when vlogging meaning to say what you is what you get. I was so excited to meet and her and luckily I had a selfie with her and she is so beautiful.


Ms. Michelle Dy

The event was held in URBN in Timog Avenue in Quezon city. It’s of the metro’s most distinguished lounges/nightclubs in Metro Manila.  Lining up outside the venue was so tiring and we were hungry,too. At last, we went in, the venue was full packed because there are a lot of people. I was so happy to see other vloggers,too. I already posted photos on my personal Instagram and Facebook account.

We went home past 6 o’clock in the evening. We really stayed and waited there so we can have photos with her. We were so happy after even if we were tired and hungry. Downside was we didn’t get any lootbags ( giveaways ). So sad. Well, that’s life.  Still it was great.


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Thank you. Mamshie Michelle… See you again on your next meet and greet! Lurve you ❤


Please check her vlogs : Michelle Dy ( Youtube )


“The weekends are too short for sleep!”
― Bryant A. Loney, To Hear The Ocean Sigh


What’s on my Playlist ( MARCH EDITION ’17 )


Hello Everyone! Thank you for reading and viewing my blog posts. I am so happy that there are still people reading and commenting when I am writing on my blog. I know that I am not really updating my blog lately but actually I am writing when I have time. And of course I haven’t posted Nigel’s first visit. Sorry about it! I am done in writing about it but I am too lazy to post it hahaha. My bad! I know. Well, I will do my best to post it before he arrive. My countdown is back again.

Well, this post pops out of my mind that I want to write about my playlist. I am a music lover and monthly I have my own playlist on my phone. I will list down below my playlist and you can comment if you like those songs and why do you like it? Here it goes…


ROCKABYE ( Clear Bandit, Sean Paul and Anne-Marie )

I like this song because of the lyrics and the meaning of it. I think the one who writes it talks about a single mom. The struggles and the hardships in her life. Encouraging her son that she will take care of him whatever happen and she’s always there for him. The message of the song is emotional good thing they had the beat is kinda fast and it’s so catchy and you can sing and dance to it.



SHOUT OUT TO MY EX ( Litte Mix )

Honestly, at first when I heard it, I am not a fan of it. I tried to check the music video and I keep on repeating it I am beginning to love it. I know that it’s more than a revenge song for your exes but it is based on experience of the songwriters. I heard that Perrie Edwards wrote this song  for Zayn Malik and on the first lines of the song it was so real. This a good moving on song for your douchebag ex and let him see that you’re happy without him.



IT AIN’T ME ( Selena Gomez and Kygo )

When I saw this online I was curious about it and I like Selena Gomez and I am excited to hear about it. I like the beat of the song especially Kygo make the sound of it. I think the song is about a relationship that unfortunately broken and she was telling that she is not there anymore for him and she was reminiscing about the relationship.  I heard and read online that this song is for Justin Bieber but of course we’re are not sure of it. Anyways, the song is a positive party anthem you’ll definitely be dancing to. ( NOTE: Since this is just an audio and there’s no music video I’ll just post Kygo and Selena’s gif )



PARIS ( The Chainsmokers )

Wow! I love the Chainsmokers. They are really good. Can I just say .. Andrew Taggart is HOT!!! Heavy breathing… Well, I actually can’t explain the lyrics of the song I think I can apply this to a relationship. I guess it’s like you’re proving to other people that your relationship is strong and get away to others and just have fun. I tried to search the real meaning of this song and I found a link which explains it all.CLICK ME.. SONG PROFESSOR



STARVING ( Hailee Steinfield, Zedd and Grey )

It’s funny that this was released last year and I just love it like this year.. this month to be exact. The song is catchy and I love how Hailee sing the song it’s so perfect. For me, the song describes a new world to the a woman who like someone. What it feels like to be attracted to someone so deeply you feel like you’re losing control when they’re near. The song is sweet, catchy and just so adorable when you are listening to it. The way the instrument played.



Thank you for reading. Please like and share your comments.



All I see and hear is HATE


I am a SWIFTIE  and I won’t deny that I am on Taylor Swift side. This post is my opinion and my feelings about the hate posts that I can see and read on the news.I will accept any comments neither bad or good.


It started when Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift broke up. A lot of people made memes about Taylor moving on so fast with Tom Hiddleston.  – So, what’s wrong with moving on too fast? A lot of people do it. If an ordinary person moving on too fast we don’t have any bad comments but well she is a celebrity and a lot of people are watching her especially her love life. We don’t really know why and when did they lost their love with each other. I know that they have a 15-month relationship and that’s really good. I am a #TayVin fan but at first I was kinda disappointed that they broke up but it’s their choice and we don’t need to judge either Taylor and Calvin. Taylor is happy with Tom Hiddleston so why can’t we just shut up and stop hatin them. We can’t control their feelings for each other.

The song ” This Is What You Came For ” was written by Taylor Swift and it was confirmed by Calvin Harris – He posted it on twitter last July 13 ( Wednesday ). The first posts was fine but why do you need to drop names on the post. I just can’t understand it. Let’s say they agreed that it should keep it as a secret but as a saying goes ” There will not be uncovered secret “. Everyone will still know about it. I know that he was upset about what is happening but he shouldn’t posted it. Think before you click, Calvin. You were with her before and I know that you were both in love and it was a real love why can’t you just talk to her and not posted it on social media.

KimYe VS. Taylor Swift – Kim Kardashian started this when Calvin Harris posted last July 13. She said that she wants to defend her husband and she is calling Taylor Swift a liar because she approved the song ” Famous ” . Last Sunday, she posted on her snapchat about the revelation of the phone call ( Kanye West – Taylor Swift convo ). Social medias was exploded with a lot of hate comments and even celebrity took sides ( #TeamKimYe and #TeamTaylor ).  I was hurt about the comments that I read and it wasn’t good . Both parties explained everything about the controversy.



This controversy is too much and massive and it can’t be control. Just like I said earlier I am still with Taylor Swift. I haven’t met her personally and never been in her concert but I still support her. Let’s say that she lied about the approving of the song but that it’s not the point why she is upset about it. On the phone call, Kanye never mentioned about ” I made that bitch famous ” and of course as a woman you don’t want someone will call you that kind of name. There are times that word is an expression but still it isn’t appropriate word. There are  cuts on the video clips that we didn’t know. It’s not fully that whole conversations itself. Kim Kardashian is defending her husband but there’s a question about it : Why do they need to record the conversation? It supposed to be between the artists. Both of them are good when writing down lyrics but the words are explicit. If he is truly a friend why do you need to say ” Bitch ” . Let’s say Kanye will call Kim that what will be her reaction? Is she okay with it? If you are a real friend you don’t need to dragged other down.

Other people commented and posted ” The Snake ” emoji and make fun of Taylor Swift. Even made the #TaylorSwiftisoverparty and they are so happy about it and it will bury her career and her now. A lot of people supported ” CYBER BULLYING ” but isn’t this one of the cyber bullying situation. And also medias make it worst. More and more news that they are posting on any sites and mostly negative about it. I know that not mostly all that commented are Kanye and Kim West fans but they just hate Taylor Swift because they think she is Fake. All of us have Flaws even celebrities , famous people etc., We are not born perfect well, others think they are but it’s not.

Why can’t we just stop hating and spread love. I know that not all of you who will read it will agree but still it is true. I know that you won’t agree that it is Cyber Bullying because you are just expressing yourself but can you try to re-read your comments and think if it is nice or bad. I am not against expressing oneself but you need to think bad side and good side of it. If I will be hated or loved with what I posted in here I don’t care I just want to weigh everything and express what I feel about this controversy. I am hurt, I am upset with it. I know that I can’t please everyone. Always remember there are two sides in every story and you have to clever on which is which needs to be heard and accepted.


I know that a lot of you guys are upset about Taylor Swift lying to us but as a true swiftie we still need to be with her not physically but emotionally. The comments that you are reading against her is trying to manipulate you. Before judging her you need to read everything either bad or good news. You met her, you like her songs and even you are with her on her concerts but why suddenly change your mind and turn back against her. She isn’t perfect. She is always misjudged and make fun because she always play the victim but can’t you really see the REAL her. I am too upset with it but I am trying to understand why she did it. I just hope that you will be more broad minded and think more positive in her. She has her flaws and she isn’t perfect. If you won’t support her why are still liking her songs? Why you still have the Taylor Swift’s stuffs? I just hope that you will support her no matter what.


Be strong! A lot of fans and your family and friends are always there for you. I know you are a smart woman and I know you can make it through this. I know a lot of people will dragged you down but don’t mind them. Think more of it on a positive way. People are judging you that you Fake but for me you are REAL and GENUINE. I won’t and don’t regret supporting you because I know that I’m on the right side. I know that this controversy will fade. You don’t need to explain anything and everything to others because it’s a choice. One post is enough no need to add up. I am hurt and while writing this makes me cry because I do know what you are feeling this time. Stay calm and be more positive. Focus on the brighter side and don’t be stress about it. Just like Selena Gomez song ” Kill Em With Kindness ” and I love you, Taylor ❤ ❤ ❤




Dee Weekend


Hello Friends! I am not really back but I just miss blogging about me and writing. I am so busy with many things this month and maybe next month. How are you guys??? I miss you all ❤


Oh yeah that’s me lately. It’s summer and I have plans with friends and co-workers. I posted some photos with my weekend especially bonding time with mom and my niece. I am just enjoying some time with them and even at work I am quite busy.


I am so happy that last weekend I went out with my mom and I stayed with her at the mall and it’s really surprising when we saw a long line on the middle area of the mall and I am super duper happy “FREE PIZZA!!!”. It’s one slice but the craving for the pizza was worth it.




Greenwich Free Hawaiian Pizza


Oh yeah!! Mom and Me ( Picture time!!! )


It’s summer and of course here in the Philippines it’s a hottah hottah day every single day. As my mom promised to buy me “Halo-Halo”. If you are curious what is it

Haluhalo or Halohalo (Tagalog: [haluˈhalo], “mixed together”) is a popular Filipino dessert with mixtures of shaved ice and evaporated milk to which are added various boiled sweet beans, jello and fruits. It is served in a tall glass or bowl.

We went to Chowking –> famous chinese fast food restaurant here in the Philippines and we ordered Halo-Halo. Mom ordered the small size and the woman told us to add 3 pesos to have more ingredients. I am satisfied with my cravings on this :


Halo-Halo on this Summer


I had a lot of happenings this day but the photos are still on my phone and once I upload it I will post more about my weekend 🙂

Day 27,28,29 and 30 : 30 Day Music Blog Challenge


This the last day of my challenge and I posted it so late. I am done with my LDR challenge and I tried to look for another challenge this month. I am music lover and I will enjoy this game.


There are 30 challenges (questions) and of course I need to answer it and explain why I choose that song. The favorite lyrics of the song.

Day 27 : A Song That Reminds You Of An Event

Answer : Freestyle – I Wanna Get Close

This event is called “LOVAPALOOZA”. This is a kissing event and this song reminds me of it because it was played on commercial of a toothpaste brand that sponsored the event. If you are curious about the event just click the link there 🙂



Day 28: A Current And Popular Song You Like

Answer : Justin Bieber – Love Yourself

I am not a JB fan but honestly I love his songs these days. It a sure hit international and in here in the Philippines. This is my fave song among his latest songs. I am just trying to figure out for whom is this song for.



Day 29: A Song You Loved As  A Teenager

Answer :Backstreet Boys – Quit Playing Games

Admit it. We all love BSB. I love the way they move. Their songs and everything about them . They are one of those boy bands that every women in the world love.



Day 30: A Song Symbolic Of The Changes You Would Like To Make In Your Life

Answer : Demi Lovato – Skyscraper

This is a perfect song for me. All I can say is the people who try to bring me down you can do it. I am more stronger now. Karma is just there.




Day 24,25 and 26:30 Day Music Blog Challenge


I am done with my LDR challenge and I tried to look for another challenge this month. I am music lover and I will enjoy this game.


There are 30 challenges (questions) and of course I need to answer it and explain why I choose that song. The favorite lyrics of the song.

Day 24 : A Song You Dislike

Answer : Kanye West’s Songs

I just don’t like him. That’s it. He hates Taylor Swift so I hate him.


Day 25 : A Song From A Movie Soundtrack

Answer : ( Twilight Movie ) A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

I am not a twilight fan but I love the song. I love the lyrics of the song. Loving someone for a thousand years or a life time  will be the best years of the relationship.



Day 26: A Song That Captures Your Current Life Situation (or Some Part Of It )

Answer : I Know Places – Taylor Swift

This is the first song that pops on my mind. I just think that we all should have privacy. Like your “US” time together.




Day 18,19,20,21,22 and 23: 30 Day Music Blog Challenge


I am done with my LDR challenge and I tried to look for another challenge this month. I am music lover and I will enjoy this game.


There are 30 challenges (questions) and of course I need to answer it and explain why I choose that song. The favorite lyrics of the song.

Day 18 : A Song You Have Heard Live ( Or Would Like To )

Answer :

Love Story – Taylor Swift

I really want to hear her sing live. I really want to see her personally,too. I love her so much. This is the first song that I ever heard and I was enchanted by her. I really want to hear her sing this song live.



Day 19 : A Song You Like That Is Outside Of Your Choice Genre


You and I – Darren Styles and Gammer

This song catches my attention the first time I’ve heard it. Nigel is into Hardcore/ UK songs but I appreciate this song. The lyrics is about love but the music is just different.



Day 20 : A Song You Can Play On An Instrument


More Than Words – Extreme

I’ve known this song for a long time. Musical Instruments don’t like me but this song is really good if you’re playing with acoustic guitar.



Day 21 : A Song That You Sing Along To Whenever You Hear It


Blank Space – Taylor Swift

On her 1989 album , this is my first song that I really love to listen to. This song is a big hit for Taylor. It reaches more than 1 Billion views on YouTube.



Day 22 : A Song You Would Play At Your Own Funeral



Day 23 : A Song That You Would Put On A Playlist For Someone Special


Glory Of Love – Peter Cetera

I love this song even if it is an old song. The lyrics  of the song is meaningful and great for him.