Let It Pass By

I saw you from a far
and you can’t hide that scar
I know it’s killing you inside
When you and I can’t collide
I feel your pain
and all those chains
Stopping you to tell
All the stories that I wish I knew..

Sorry if I’d hurt you
Forgave me if I didn’t mind you
I just passed by you
And I can’t help you and it hurts me,too
You came up to me
And I ignored you
I guess I was too afraid…

Too afraid of what might had happen
I am  just protecting you
Coz I know they will hurt you
Someday you will know why?
But for now, please let it pass by…



What Does?

What does it feel like to be lonely?
Like no friends, no enemies and no one in this world

What does it feel like to be empty?
No one to talk to and share secrets with

What does it feel like to be hurt?
Crying alone and feeling pain inside




What does it feel like to run?
Running from the problems and anxiety that you are feeling

What does it feel like not to be with others?
Walking and hearing murmurs when passing by

What does it feel like to be YOU?
I know you are in pain and you need someone to be with.
I know you’re falling apart but just look at me ..
Tell me…
What’s on your mind?
and let me know…

Secret Love


You passes by

And I feel so shy

I am just looking at you from a far

Because you are always be my star

You talk to me

And all I say is one, two, three

Feeling dismay

But I can let you stay

My secret love for you

And I guess you don’t have any clue

Hi, it’s me oh yes, this is me

But I couldn’t even agree

Freezes when your near

Wishing I have a gear

So I will be brave

To tell you that you are my fave.

I’m not Ready


I’m not ready to fall

Not ready to love

Not ready to kiss and hug

Not ready to cuddle up with you every night

Not ready to hold hands

Not ready to dance with you in the rain

Not ready with your proposal

Not ready to walk down the aisle

Not ready to have the baby that you want much

Not ready grow old with you

But when the time comes that I am  ready to start

You look at me and say “maybe later or never”.

Beginning of the End


I must admit to myself

I am now belong to someone else

This is the beginning of our end

I know it’s painful

But we should do this

Let’s stop the flower to bloom

Cut the stem and throw it

You don’t need an explanation from me

I am just one of your buddy

I am his and he is mine

The beginning of your love story

Will be the end of mine.



You were hurt in the past

And you hope this will be the last

You are there for me

And never let me be

You stay in love

Even if you think this is younglove

You stay with me

Because I you know that I won’t leave

I promise you that I’ll stay

And never ever betray

Coz you know that I won’t do

Loving you as you want me to.