I worried too much….


I admit that I am a worrier. I worry a lot that’s why I feel the stress more. I know that being a worrier is a big NO-NO. I just can’t help it. Nigel told me to relax and don’t think too much about problems because it won’t help me at all. While relaxing, I tried to find ways not to mind it.


1. Don’t Stress Yourself Too Much. – Stress is a word that a lot of people know and it is within you it will stay longer unless you leave it behind. Being stress can think your more negatively and can focus more on bad things. What you have to do is let loose of yourself. You can try to go for a walk, watch movies, write about something, eat out and have a good shower.


2. Stop Being a Perfectionist. – Some of us are afraid to make mistakes.Your standards will be so high that you’ll also be dissatisfied with the result that other people would find acceptable. You won’t be contented with what you are doing at work or school.


3. Focus. – Being focus with one thing at a time can help you stop worrying too much. You’re not thinking a lot. Your mind won’t be crowded. Too many thoughts can make yourself struggle on a daily basis.


4. Talking to friends or relatives that close to you. – Talking can help you release the stress that you are in to. This is just a simple thing that other people can help you. Nobody can take away your worries but when others showing you that they care it means much.


5. Fear Less – Too many questions on your mind can take over your life. The ” what if? ”  questions are not a good question for yourself. What you can do is try to visualize that the problem is finished. Then try to think of the positive result of the problem that you are thinking of.


I know I make mistakes.. I am human … I am not perfect.. We all are…


“Worry a little bit every day and in a lifetime you will lose a couple of years. If something is wrong, fix it if you can. But train yourself not to worry. Worry never fixes anything.”
– Mary Hemingway


Departed Ways ( Dealing with Break Ups)


Today, my friend sent me messages and she told me that she and her boyfriend ended their relationship. I tried calling her but she is not answering. So, I decided to blog about it. Just a short story about them. They’ve been together for 3 years with ups and downs and the last time we chatted she mentioned that their relationship is “on the rocks”. I asked her why and she said that her boyfriend is getting bored and beginning to look for other women. I felt bad about it and I told her to let me know if she needs help or advice about their relationship. I am not that good adviser but I want to help her about it. It’s just that she is far from me. I know the guy but haven’t met him personally. Looking at their photos on their accounts they are cute and fun couple but I didn’t realize that behind their happiness there are sadness and pain. I know my friend since college days and she is always there for me when I was in trouble. I blog about breaking up before and if you guys want to read about it. I’ll link it up BREAK UPS

On this post I will list down dealing heart breaks. I let my friend read this post.

  • Either block or unfriend him on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or Any social sites that you both are in. If you want to move on and let go please try to do this. It can help you from knowing his or her updates.
  • Delete his or her mobile phone number or change phone number. Since you’ve been together for a long time so mostly you know and memorize the number but please stop it. Do not try to memorize it because even if you change number you will be tempted to send him or her messages.
  • If your ex tells you to be friends and “stay as friends” it’s big no-no. Cmon’ you’re not dumb and not numb at all. You still have feelings. You can’t be friends with your ex. How can you move on if you are still friends? It’s not a good suggestion. Leave it.
  • Go out and Have fun. I am not talking about being drunk and wasted. Try to travel and have a “ME” time with yourself. It is good that you can be yourself from time to time and just relax.
  • Call,Talk and Meet Up with your Friends. This is good because you can let it out. You can be real with your friends. Try to be angry and tell them how you really feel. If there’s time you guys can go on a night out and drink ( Remember : Don’t WASTED! )
  • Allow yourself to CRY. This can help a lot and can ease the pain. Don’t be shy to cry in front of friends and parents. Crying is the best way to let out the anxiety.
  • Think before you Click on your social accounts. We love to post online because well it’s our account but try not to post every thing in their. There are lots of friends or mutual friends can read about it. Be careful what you post. It is better that break ups can be private.
  • Don’t Blame yourself for the break up. Listen : a relationship is for two people and whatever happen to it don’t blame him or yourself. Even if there’s someone to be blame just let it go. There are reasons why you break up.

I hope this can help you on dealing with break ups. These are based on my other friends advises and some of my experiences.Break ups and broken hearts take a long time to heal but it depends on a person on how to deal with it.

Thanks for reading 🙂


MOVE ON. It’s just a chapter in the past but don’t close the book. Just turn the page.”


(Day 42 ) Love is…


Almost relationships have problems but being in LDR is difficult to handle. The reason is because of the time zones, very busy at work or school and culture differences. I posted an advice for couples that are in LDR so you can check it below :



Always remember that if you have problems you should talk about ( calmly ). There’s always a solution with every problem that you encounter.