I worried too much….


I admit that I am a worrier. I worry a lot that’s why I feel the stress more. I know that being a worrier is a big NO-NO. I just can’t help it. Nigel told me to relax and don’t think too much about problems because it won’t help me at all. While relaxing, I tried to find ways not to mind it.


1. Don’t Stress Yourself Too Much. – Stress is a word that a lot of people know and it is within you it will stay longer unless you leave it behind. Being stress can think your more negatively and can focus more on bad things. What you have to do is let loose of yourself. You can try to go for a walk, watch movies, write about something, eat out and have a good shower.


2. Stop Being a Perfectionist. – Some of us are afraid to make mistakes.Your standards will be so high that you’ll also be dissatisfied with the result that other people would find acceptable. You won’t be contented with what you are doing at work or school.


3. Focus. – Being focus with one thing at a time can help you stop worrying too much. You’re not thinking a lot. Your mind won’t be crowded. Too many thoughts can make yourself struggle on a daily basis.


4. Talking to friends or relatives that close to you. – Talking can help you release the stress that you are in to. This is just a simple thing that other people can help you. Nobody can take away your worries but when others showing you that they care it means much.


5. Fear Less – Too many questions on your mind can take over your life. The ” what if? ”  questions are not a good question for yourself. What you can do is try to visualize that the problem is finished. Then try to think of the positive result of the problem that you are thinking of.


I know I make mistakes.. I am human … I am not perfect.. We all are…


“Worry a little bit every day and in a lifetime you will lose a couple of years. If something is wrong, fix it if you can. But train yourself not to worry. Worry never fixes anything.”
– Mary Hemingway


In a Relationship : Foreigner Boyfriend


I am in a relationship and I am PROUD of it. My boyfriend is a foreigner and he is English. It’s just that there people who will judge why do you like foreigners. I know that there are people that can relate to me but there are some that feels envious about the relationship. I do feel bad whenever I hear people murmuring or gazing at us (especially me )  whenever we pass by them. I’ve experienced that when he was here for a vacation ( his first visit ). I know that you can’t stop other people from criticizing the relationship.


Before I prefer to have a Filipino boyfriend because I know that there will be spark between us. After experiencing the heartbreaks I promise myself not to have another Filipino boyfriend. I don’t judge all of them but after the same reasons of having my heartbroken I think it’s enough. ( Enough… enough…!!!). Now, let’s start… I will share that there are disadvantages and advantages of having a foreigner boyfriend.



  • Cultural differences this can be a disadvantage and an advantage because it’s good that you can learn a new culture and you will more expose to it but sometimes there are couples that are having a conflict because of adapting of each others cultures.Be more optimistic to it because you are learning another culture and I think it’s a cool thing to do ( especially food you will discover new taste and special kind of foods )


  • There is an instance that you can have  miscommunication because of languages ( Language Barrier ). There are times that learning another language and pronouncing the words properly is difficult. Learning each others language is fun and interesting because it can help you to communicate more to your partner’s relatives and friends.


  •  Migrating to which country will stay ( if it’s her or his ). Who will migrate is you or your partner. There will be a lot of discussion to make and the decision making can be a headache. So the best thing is the both of you need to talk more about it and try to share their ideas about migrating.


  •  This is the fear of all, being in Long Distance Relationship. Not being together. Miles and miles apart form each other. This can be hard. I know because I am in this situation but communication is the key. You need to communicate with each other just a simple or quick text to send to you partner is enough. Loyalty needs to be there,too. If you are in a relationship you are committed and it means it’s only your partner even you are two worlds apart.


  • There are times that other people will think that you have partner that is a foreigner because of money or visa. Discrimination of other people is always there and present at all times. I experienced it and there are times that it was difficult to handle and I can’t hide my feelings. I don’t share it to him but he knows that I was hurt whenever other people are murmuring or gazing at us.


“You can talk with someone for years, everyday, and still, it won’t mean as much as what you can have when you sit in front of someone, not saying a word, yet you feel that person with your heart, you feel like you have known the person for forever…. connections are made with the heart, not the tongue.”
― C. JoyBell C.

I am SINGLE because …


That question is killing you. I know. If you are still single and suddenly someone asks you about it. When you realize that  all your friends are married and in a relationship and your left out. Teasing you sucks. I have friends that single and I am so curious of their answers to that question. Did you ask yourself why am I still single? What’s wrong with me? There are lots of reasons why and I will list them below ( these are based on my friends answer )

  • I am being SELECTIVE. – Why? We are trying to develop a fantasy guy or gal in our mind.  We are having an ideal person that we like or dream.



  • I haven’t found THE ONE for me yet?Waiting for the right one. Waiting for your “prince and princess charming”. This expression is forever reason for single people. 


  • AFRAID to love again. – The reason for this : the past relationship. The pain  is still there and you think that the history repeats itself.


  • Can’t meet my STANDARDS. – Having high standards is a big no-no. Remember it has to be realistic.


  •  Can’t get over with EX. – You are still in love with your ex. Reminiscing the moments that you had. Can’t move forward.


  • I can’t be BY MYSELF. – It means that friends are important. Whatever I do and whenever I go they need be there.


  • Afraid of COMMITMENTS. –  There are people who don’t like being committed because they think they won’t have the  freedom. Commitments are only for serious people as they say.


  • Always in the FRIENDZONE area. – You have feelings for him but… You’re always there but ….  You do all the efforts but … he loves you ONLY as a friend.


  • DON’T BELIEVE in true love. – It doesn’t exist. It’s just a fantasy. Bitterness about relationship is within yourself.


  • I am NOT INTERESTED anymore. – You get bored of him so fast. Get offended when he jokes. Not replying to his messages and break up.


  • Being in a relationship is NOT MY PRIORITY. – You are more focus in your career and family. You are also not worry about being single at all.


It is still your own decision to be single. We just have to respect what do they want in their lives. We don’t have to pressure them to be in a relationship. I think some of them say :  ” It’s better to be single than being in a with someone that is not worth it.”

NOTE : Credits to my friends : MARIE AND BARTY for helping me with my posts. JEM for inspiring me. LUV YAH!!! ♥♥♥


” Appreciate being Single because that when you grow the most… and with that growth, you come to know what you are looking for.”
– Daniel Goddard


Love is… ( Day 98 )


Yas!!! There are times that we have to sacrifice our love. It doesn’t mean this is a bad thing but we can learn from it. If we let them go we let them realize everything. There are things in the relationship that couples need to learn and know.  If he or she comes back to you it means you are destined to be together.Remember to take care of it properly and treasure them.

Blog Stats Review ( January 2016 )


Hello! I am Dee and I am a member of LDRBN and we have Monthly Stats Challenge. This challenge is to help us boost and monitor our blog stats and also we can discuss our blog’s progress.  It serves as a good reminder for us to keep track of our blog’s monthly statistics, to determine what causes the decrease and the increase of our blog’s daily statistics, and to come up with possible and helpful ways to increase traffic.

We started checking our stats last October 2015 and it’s nice to monitor weekly because we can challenge ourselves to post more in our blog. We can share more posts to others.





I am very happy with the progress of my blog because I gain more followers and readers. It added like 20 – 30 % on views, 100+ visitors added. I promise to do well this month. I think posting everyday and sharing it on social media can help a lot. I already have my goals on my blog this month and I hope you guys can participate. Last time, I posted tips and pointers to boost blog stats :


You can read this post and you can know what I did to boost blog stats. Thank you very much to all of you who followed me, read my posts, liked and commented on my posts. You’re all supportive.

Wait for my “My Monthly Goals” for this month. We will have fun this Love Month.

Thanks for reading 🙂

For the Last Time


Let me ask you some questions

Coz I can’t stop my obssession

It’s been 365 days

Too many delays and relays

Aren’t you tired?

And it seems like I’m wired

I am tired of you

Can’t you see the clue

Why are you still holding on?

Can’t you try to be gone

Why are still here?

Can’t you try to disappear

I’m tired of you

And I know you’re tired of me,too

Hold my hand for the last time

Coz I won’t hold yours for a very long time.