Locked My Heart


I feel so empty

And feeling heavy

Crying all night

Until the sun so bright

Because of you I was drowning

And my days are counting

I locked my heart

And never want to start

Days are always gray

Will never be gay

Even if you’re down on your knees

And begging me “please”

My heart is numb

And I will never be dumb

I locked my heart for safety

So I won’t be shady.


Longing for…


Pretending not to care

Hiding the pain and the glare

Sorry for not minding you

I hope that you knew

Wish I can tell you everything

But I know we are just a fling

Why can’t you love me just like you love her?

Is it too much to ask if we were?

Why can’t you leave her?

Is she always there?

I see you crying and begging

And you know that she is just pretending

I feel your pain right now

Because it’s what I am feeling somehow

I amĀ  just here for you

Waiting until the time is through

Just promise me one thing

Forget memories of her

And start new memories

Of Me and You.