Love But Wrong Time



When do we say we found the right one?

But we found that person at the wrong time…..

All of us can relate to it. All of us have his/her own experiences with it.

We meet someone and we talk with that person.

You think that you “click“.

There’s a “spark“.

Emotions are getting stronger. Chit chats are longer.

You have your own world and everything is so “PERFECT“.

Suddenly, reality strikes…

Someone hits you…

You CAN’T be together. Oh! DAMN!!!!

It’s funny but the reality is Real and True.

There are many reasons, there are many realizations.

I know it hurts but you just feel bad about everything.

Crying inside and you question yourself ” Why? “.

Trying to protest your feelings but can’t do anything.

You just smirk. Look down. Making the most of your time being together.

The laughs and memories can be keep and at the end of the day you just say,

” I am happy to meet you and thanks for knowing you “.


( NOTE : I wrote this because I watched a video on YouTube and I was inspired by it. I am one of her followers and the message on that video I know that a lot of people can relate to it. If you have time please check her videos and the name : LeendaDProductions)


” If the heart matters enough, timing doesn’t.”







Why am I feeling this way?

I know he loves me come what may

Been crying for a long time

And keep on drinking a glass of wine

His intentions are pure

But this pain I can’t endure

I know she is his past

And now I am his present and together we will never last.

Beginning of the End


I must admit to myself

I am now belong to someone else

This is the beginning of our end

I know it’s painful

But we should do this

Let’s stop the flower to bloom

Cut the stem and throw it

You don’t need an explanation from me

I am just one of your buddy

I am his and he is mine

The beginning of your love story

Will be the end of mine.

Guilty As A Cheater


I am guilty

Oh, yes I am

I tried to hold on us

But the knot that we have loose it’s thread

The bond cuts off on it’s own

You were out sight for a moment

And he was there with me all the time

The emptiness that I am feeling

He was there to fill it up

I feel sorry for this betrayal

Forgiveness is what I ask

I know it’s difficult to give

But I hope someday wound heals

I admit that I am a cheater

Cheating is what I did

I never thought that I can do it

Conscience is killing me now

The trust that you gave me is now broken

The pieces that can’t be whole again

The vow that said in the altar

Are now memories in the past

Sorry for being a cheater

I am sorry for not staying with you forever

And I know it isn’t fair


“ME” or “US”


Why do I feel so alone even when I am with you?

I can’t understand and no clue

Why do I feel sad if you’re here?

These are the moments that I can’t bare

Very anxious about my feelings

It’s seems in the beginning

You tried to reach out to me

But I am frozen in here

Is there an US or just ME?

Because our feelings just flee

I’m sorry for not being honest

And I know I am not the strongest

This relationship is only ME

Never “US” and it’s too hard to plea.

Don’t Break My Heart Slow


Please stop it now

This is like telling a vow

The lies that you are saying

And the games that you are playing

I believed you for all the time

But I was silent like the mime

Do you mean what you say?

And this is what you pay

I’d rather you be mean

Even if you make a scene

I will accept it all

Even if you post it on a wall

Please don’t break my heart slow

I don’t want to wait for it below

It’s fine if you blow

So it’s like a river that flows

I really thought our love will last forever

But oh god! You are damn clever

You haunt me for sometime

I was so scared and have a downtime

Please stop this nonsense

Hoping you have a conscience.