All I see and hear is HATE


I am a SWIFTIE  and I won’t deny that I am on Taylor Swift side. This post is my opinion and my feelings about the hate posts that I can see and read on the news.I will accept any comments neither bad or good.


It started when Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift broke up. A lot of people made memes about Taylor moving on so fast with Tom Hiddleston.  – So, what’s wrong with moving on too fast? A lot of people do it. If an ordinary person moving on too fast we don’t have any bad comments but well she is a celebrity and a lot of people are watching her especially her love life. We don’t really know why and when did they lost their love with each other. I know that they have a 15-month relationship and that’s really good. I am a #TayVin fan but at first I was kinda disappointed that they broke up but it’s their choice and we don’t need to judge either Taylor and Calvin. Taylor is happy with Tom Hiddleston so why can’t we just shut up and stop hatin them. We can’t control their feelings for each other.

The song ” This Is What You Came For ” was written by Taylor Swift and it was confirmed by Calvin Harris – He posted it on twitter last July 13 ( Wednesday ). The first posts was fine but why do you need to drop names on the post. I just can’t understand it. Let’s say they agreed that it should keep it as a secret but as a saying goes ” There will not be uncovered secret “. Everyone will still know about it. I know that he was upset about what is happening but he shouldn’t posted it. Think before you click, Calvin. You were with her before and I know that you were both in love and it was a real love why can’t you just talk to her and not posted it on social media.

KimYe VS. Taylor Swift – Kim Kardashian started this when Calvin Harris posted last July 13. She said that she wants to defend her husband and she is calling Taylor Swift a liar because she approved the song ” Famous ” . Last Sunday, she posted on her snapchat about the revelation of the phone call ( Kanye West – Taylor Swift convo ). Social medias was exploded with a lot of hate comments and even celebrity took sides ( #TeamKimYe and #TeamTaylor ).  I was hurt about the comments that I read and it wasn’t good . Both parties explained everything about the controversy.



This controversy is too much and massive and it can’t be control. Just like I said earlier I am still with Taylor Swift. I haven’t met her personally and never been in her concert but I still support her. Let’s say that she lied about the approving of the song but that it’s not the point why she is upset about it. On the phone call, Kanye never mentioned about ” I made that bitch famous ” and of course as a woman you don’t want someone will call you that kind of name. There are times that word is an expression but still it isn’t appropriate word. There are  cuts on the video clips that we didn’t know. It’s not fully that whole conversations itself. Kim Kardashian is defending her husband but there’s a question about it : Why do they need to record the conversation? It supposed to be between the artists. Both of them are good when writing down lyrics but the words are explicit. If he is truly a friend why do you need to say ” Bitch ” . Let’s say Kanye will call Kim that what will be her reaction? Is she okay with it? If you are a real friend you don’t need to dragged other down.

Other people commented and posted ” The Snake ” emoji and make fun of Taylor Swift. Even made the #TaylorSwiftisoverparty and they are so happy about it and it will bury her career and her now. A lot of people supported ” CYBER BULLYING ” but isn’t this one of the cyber bullying situation. And also medias make it worst. More and more news that they are posting on any sites and mostly negative about it. I know that not mostly all that commented are Kanye and Kim West fans but they just hate Taylor Swift because they think she is Fake. All of us have Flaws even celebrities , famous people etc., We are not born perfect well, others think they are but it’s not.

Why can’t we just stop hating and spread love. I know that not all of you who will read it will agree but still it is true. I know that you won’t agree that it is Cyber Bullying because you are just expressing yourself but can you try to re-read your comments and think if it is nice or bad. I am not against expressing oneself but you need to think bad side and good side of it. If I will be hated or loved with what I posted in here I don’t care I just want to weigh everything and express what I feel about this controversy. I am hurt, I am upset with it. I know that I can’t please everyone. Always remember there are two sides in every story and you have to clever on which is which needs to be heard and accepted.


I know that a lot of you guys are upset about Taylor Swift lying to us but as a true swiftie we still need to be with her not physically but emotionally. The comments that you are reading against her is trying to manipulate you. Before judging her you need to read everything either bad or good news. You met her, you like her songs and even you are with her on her concerts but why suddenly change your mind and turn back against her. She isn’t perfect. She is always misjudged and make fun because she always play the victim but can’t you really see the REAL her. I am too upset with it but I am trying to understand why she did it. I just hope that you will be more broad minded and think more positive in her. She has her flaws and she isn’t perfect. If you won’t support her why are still liking her songs? Why you still have the Taylor Swift’s stuffs? I just hope that you will support her no matter what.


Be strong! A lot of fans and your family and friends are always there for you. I know you are a smart woman and I know you can make it through this. I know a lot of people will dragged you down but don’t mind them. Think more of it on a positive way. People are judging you that you Fake but for me you are REAL and GENUINE. I won’t and don’t regret supporting you because I know that I’m on the right side. I know that this controversy will fade. You don’t need to explain anything and everything to others because it’s a choice. One post is enough no need to add up. I am hurt and while writing this makes me cry because I do know what you are feeling this time. Stay calm and be more positive. Focus on the brighter side and don’t be stress about it. Just like Selena Gomez song ” Kill Em With Kindness ” and I love you, Taylor ❤ ❤ ❤





Sadness in Me


I tried to hide this pain

I want to be quiet but I can’t

Why do I have to know about it?

I can’t explain

All I want to do is cry

The sadness in me is getting stronger

I do trust you

You know how much I love you

I know she’s your past

But why it hurts me deep inside

The sadness in me is not getting better

Tears are still running down and I can’t stop

I think it’s better to spend sometime alone

Than be with you and in pain

What’s Written on Me



I love reading blogs since then and I decided to do my own blog. Few years ago, one of my friends is a blogger and she writes about beauty and fashion since I am into it she asked me to write about my make up inspirations and nail arts. I was excited to do it but the bad thing is I gave up writing and blogging about it. I was thinking that maybe blogging is not for me because I got disappointed and I am lazy to write. Last year, I spotted my friend writing on her blog. She said that her blog is more like a journal. I mentioned  that I was blogging before but I gave up my blog. She convinced me to write again but I asked her to give me ideas for my blogs. Since she knew that I am in a long distance relationship she said I try to write about it. I agreed with her and I look for a blog sites so I can maintain it. She said to try on WordPress and Blogspot but I chose WordPress and I didn’t regret my decision. Next step was the name for my blog. I tried to make at least so I can choose one . It was pinaymeetsbriton, nigelanddeelovestory and fromuktophilippineswithlove. I chose the last one because I really do feel that it fits on my blog. I started my blog last April 2015 and I introduced what my blog is about and I was happy because there are people that read and followed me. I never thought that I will be part of LDRBN. I was invited by Diana and at first I am afraid to be part of the community because I don’t consider myself a good writer and blogger. The first post that I wrote in LDRBN is in PRE-LDR prompt. I was happy because others liked it and I started chatting with some of the members and honestly, I am shy when I talk to them ( until now I think .. hahaha 😛 ) they are nice people and fun to talk to. So until now I am still here blogging about my LDR and I tried to write more on my blog and more categories on it,too.




Being part of the LDRBN helped me a lot with my writing and blogging skills because I challenged myself to write, post , inspire and share my stories to others. I gain friends around the world and they are super nice to me ( LDRBN family and WordPress Pipz ). Just like I said I am not a good writer. I have a lot of grammar lapses especially with my sentences. But because of writing and posting on my blog I am beginning to be more conscious with my sentences and posts. I started gaining followers and almost all have the same in LDR or writing poetry. I am happy to get to know some people and ask about their relationship and stories. If I have random thoughts on my mind I tried to blog about it and it gives me idea what to write on my blog. Sharing experiences and stories can help others if they have the same feelings and experiences. These are the things that make me inspire more to write on my blog.



  • What are your inspirations on your blog?
  • Why do you enjoy blogging?
  • Any tips for better blogging?





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Boyfriend is not an ATM

Last Saturday, I stayed at home. After watching my favorite noontime variety show I was intrigued with the next Filipino Drama titled “KARELASYON” (partner). This drama is about Relationships especially with different kinds of partners.That day, it was about a Filipina who fell for a Foreigner guy.


On first part of the story, they started sending messages and calling each other. Her mom noticed that her daughter is falling for a foreigner and told her not to let him go. After a few days, the foreigner went to the filipina’s house to visit her.Since he is there, the filipina’s mom offered to stay in their house because he doesn’t have any place to stay in. The filipina is working hard to give some money to her family. Her older sister is pregnant, her second younger brother doesn’t have work, the youngest is a college student and lastly her mom is a plain house wife. Since the foreigner stayed in their house, he is the one who pays for everything. Her brother tried to convince the foreigner to shopping. Suddenly, her older sister had miscarriage and the filipina was too shy to asked a favor to pay for the hospital bills. The foreigner doesn’t mind it at all because he is really in love with her.

One night, the mom told her to asked for money because they are have heavily in debts.She doesn’t want to because for her the foreigner helped them a lot especially with finances.She went to work and since she didn’t mention it to her boyfriend her mother talked to the foreigner and asked him about it. She also mentioned that if you really love my daughter you will do it. Day passed by, she kept on sending messages and calling her boyfriend but no one is answering. She was really angry to her family and became blunt about every thing.Later part, her boyfriend came back but he said sorry and he needed to go.She cried and asked him not to leave but he didn’t.When he opened the door, the mom was there and asked not to be mad at her daughter because she doesn’t have anything to do with it. He left them without saying goodbye.


I do agree with the drama. There are some relationship especially interracial relationship involves about Money. Sometimes here in the Philippines some people have the same situation as the drama. My ex was an American but I’ve never asked money from him and even now with Nigel. Before, Nigel and I got very serious with each other we cleared about the financial thing. Nigel was blunt to tell me that if I am after with his money I got the wrong guy because he doesn’t have any and he won’t give anything. I told him that I am not after his money because I can support myself and I have work. Not all filipinas want money from foreigners. We also have our own even if it’s not much but it’s ours. I chatted a guy from Netherlands before and we became friends and he told me that he likes a filipina because she’s nice and pretty but the problem is the woman is asking for money exchange for nude photos.I just shook my head and told him to stop chatting with her. It’s not good. Almost foreigners think that Filipinas only want money or visa from their boyfriend but it’s not true. There are some that are asking for love and real relationship.

It’s not love if money is involve. Why do you ask money from them? I always picture ahead that if I ask money or if they give me money there are replacement with the money. I would never want to risk it. I remembered that one of my co-worker asked me why Nigel isn’t sending money to me because her sister’s boyfriend is sending? I told her that why?Why will he send me his money?I was so angry with her. Nigel is not my ATM. I don’t need his money I have mine. And I walked away. I just don’t understand some people here that if they see foreigners their eyes shines brightly with money signs. Relationship won’t stay long if you are after only for money. One time, I saw a foreigner and he is a beggar and the reason why he became like that it’s because his fiance left him after she got all what she needed from him. It’s heartbreaking to know about that story.



I think if you want to have a foreigner boyfriend don’t ask for anything especially money. If he tells you that he wants to send money learn to say NO. If he force you that he will send money once you receive it try to save it until you meet up. If your family is like that on the drama talk to them. Let them understand about it.Be clear with your intentions that you are after the relationship. Be blunt and be real.It’s better if your conscience is clear. Be in love with him not his money.

Do you know anyone that has the same situation as on the drama? Did you try to give to that person? What do you think is the best solution for it?

Thanks for reading 🙂




Cyberbully ( Movie )


Last night, I saved offline a movie on Youtube. I was curious about it this movie and cyber bullying is just everywhere online. I like watching movies on Youtube I mean not the famous movies but movies that has meaning and not boring. This is a TV film and was released by ABC last 2011.The movie tells about a girl who was bullied  online.


Taylor ( Emily Osment ) got a laptop on her 17th birthday given by her mom, Kris ( Kelly Rowan ) and her brother Eric ( Robert Naylor ) was jealous about it. They made an account on their school social site called “CLIQUESTER” and her friends Samantha ( Kay Panabaker ) and Cheyenne ( Meaghan Rath ) helped her on it. Scott ( John Mclaren ) added her up on the site.Scott  asked Taylor to the dance and she said “Yes”. Cheyenne is happy for her, but Samantha does not like Scott because her Ex was a friend that dumped her after he got what he wants. One day, Eric, hacks into Taylor’s  account and posts a not so good status about his sister. Students at school write terrible  comments about her and she becomes afraid to go back to school. An unknown person added her up named “JAMES PETITIOUS”. She thinks he is a nice person and she shared personal stuffs to that guy, but suddenly  spreading a rumor that Taylor slept with him. Taylor was called “slut” and “whore” as a result of the bullying. The comments that she read made her life miserable. Scott told her  that he cannot take her to the dance and Cheyenne tried turn her back on her. Samantha is with her but later on leave her. She was really depress and she doesn’t know what to do.Taylor posted a video online saying that she can no longer live with herself. She said there : cyberbully_movie_saying-441098.jpg

When Samantha saw the video and she called up Taylor but no one is answering she called up Kris and told her that something happen to Taylor she went to Taylor’s house and they found her opening a bottle of pills that she wanted to take but cannot get the cap off. Taylor was sent to a hospital. Kris learned from the incident and she went to find out what started the bullying. She went to Taylor’s school and talked to the principal and when to state legislation to prevent others from going through cyber bullying. Doctor recommends that Taylor can go to a support group and get help about the problem.  She finds that one of her classmates, Caleb ( Jade Hassouné  ) is going through the same exact thing, and the bullies called him “gay”. Taylor finds support in the group and deals with the bullying and it helped her a lot. One night, Samantha went to her home and  she confessed that she is the one who created the “James” profile and set Taylor up. Samantha feels guilty of what she done and after telling the truth she becomes a victim of cyber bullying. Almost all her school mates and class mate bullied her online. Taylor composed herself and told her mom that they need to voice out about cyber bullying and they went to a newspaper company but at first the writer was not interested but he suggested that he needs to talked to Samantha because it will be a great story. Samantha tells everything and even the reason why she did it. Taylor finds out about this and tells her about her support group and eventually forgives Samantha. They went back to school together and suddenly Lindsay ( Nastassia Markiewicz ) and Becca ( Ronda Louis-Jeune ) said something about them Taylor didn’t ignore and stand up for herself in front of other people. Taylor, Samantha, Cheyenne, Caleb, and Scott all stand up against Lindsay. Lindsay eventually backs down from cyber bullying and Kris received a call from the reporter and told her that  a law is passed to help fight against bullying.



I cried on this movie. I was touched by the story and it is great. You just can’t imagine that it will be your best friend that can do something bad against you. She is a great actress and she handled herself well in the movie. It’s good that there are support groups and a law can help about cyber bullying. Here in the Philippines last September 2012 a law was recognized and it is called ” Cyber Crime Prevent Act”. It is good because it can help people from cyber bullies. In the movie, I observed that there is lack of communication between parents and their children so I guess you need to have a time with other to talk about everything. Do not be afraid to tell what you feel and what someone did something to you.There are people who will save and help you. Killing yourself is not a solution. Your life is precious. PLEASE STOP BULLYING!