Let It Pass By

I saw you from a far
and you can’t hide that scar
I know it’s killing you inside
When you and I can’t collide
I feel your pain
and all those chains
Stopping you to tell
All the stories that I wish I knew..

Sorry if I’d hurt you
Forgave me if I didn’t mind you
I just passed by you
And I can’t help you and it hurts me,too
You came up to me
And I ignored you
I guess I was too afraid…

Too afraid of what might had happen
I amĀ  just protecting you
Coz I know they will hurt you
Someday you will know why?
But for now, please let it pass by…



What Does?

What does it feel like to be lonely?
Like no friends, no enemies and no one in this world

What does it feel like to be empty?
No one to talk to and share secrets with

What does it feel like to be hurt?
Crying alone and feeling pain inside




What does it feel like to run?
Running from the problems and anxiety that you are feeling

What does it feel like not to be with others?
Walking and hearing murmurs when passing by

What does it feel like to be YOU?
I know you are in pain and you need someone to be with.
I know you’re falling apart but just look at me ..
Tell me…
What’s on your mind?
and let me know…

I need to Forgive


Why is it difficult?

And I feel like a criminal

Why is it too hard?

And feeling I’m barred

Forgiving someone is unreal for me

But my heart has a lot of plea

Hurting inside

And pains that I hide

Forgiveness is I need

So my heart won’t bleed

Give me strength to do it

Because I won’t quit

Lead to me the way

This is what I pray

Forgiving them is the answer

So I can stop this anger.

Secret Love


You passes by

And I feel so shy

I am just looking at you from a far

Because you are always be my star

You talk to me

And all I say is one, two, three

Feeling dismay

But I can let you stay

My secret love for you

And I guess you don’t have any clue

Hi, it’s me oh yes, this is me

But I couldn’t even agree

Freezes when your near

Wishing I have a gear

So I will be brave

To tell you that you are my fave.

My love for you is Magical


The feeling is different when I first laid my eyes on you

Everything surrounds me are new

I know for sometime that we are far

Everything we have is like a blue star

It is hard to reach

And it seems like it’s a breach

I do feel that time passes

Your love is like glasses

It’s so fragile

And I am scared to gamble

My love for you is magical

And you and I are compatible

This relationship will be forever

And it will never be tear apart no,never.

Sadness in Me


I tried to hide this pain

I want to be quiet but I can’t

Why do I have to know about it?

I can’t explain

All I want to do is cry

The sadness in me is getting stronger

I do trust you

You know how much I love you

I know she’s your past

But why it hurts me deep inside

The sadness in me is not getting better

Tears are still running down and I can’t stop

I think it’s better to spend sometime alone

Than be with you and in pain