Guilty As A Cheater


I am guilty

Oh, yes I am

I tried to hold on us

But the knot that we have loose it’s thread

The bond cuts off on it’s own

You were out sight for a moment

And he was there with me all the time

The emptiness that I am feeling

He was there to fill it up

I feel sorry for this betrayal

Forgiveness is what I ask

I know it’s difficult to give

But I hope someday wound heals

I admit that I am a cheater

Cheating is what I did

I never thought that I can do it

Conscience is killing me now

The trust that you gave me is now broken

The pieces that can’t be whole again

The vow that said in the altar

Are now memories in the past

Sorry for being a cheater

I am sorry for not staying with you forever

And I know it isn’t fair