What’s on my Playlist ( MARCH EDITION ’17 )


Hello Everyone! Thank you for reading and viewing my blog posts. I am so happy that there are still people reading and commenting when I am writing on my blog. I know that I am not really updating my blog lately but actually I am writing when I have time. And of course I haven’t posted Nigel’s first visit. Sorry about it! I am done in writing about it but I am too lazy to post it hahaha. My bad! I know. Well, I will do my best to post it before he arrive. My countdown is back again.

Well, this post pops out of my mind that I want to write about my playlist. I am a music lover and monthly I have my own playlist on my phone. I will list down below my playlist and you can comment if you like those songs and why do you like it? Here it goes…


ROCKABYE ( Clear Bandit, Sean Paul and Anne-Marie )

I like this song because of the lyrics and the meaning of it. I think the one who writes it talks about a single mom. The struggles and the hardships in her life. Encouraging her son that she will take care of him whatever happen and she’s always there for him. The message of the song is emotional good thing they had the beat is kinda fast and it’s so catchy and you can sing and dance to it.



SHOUT OUT TO MY EX ( Litte Mix )

Honestly, at first when I heard it, I am not a fan of it. I tried to check the music video and I keep on repeating it I am beginning to love it. I know that it’s more than a revenge song for your exes but it is based on experience of the songwriters. I heard that Perrie Edwards wrote this song  for Zayn Malik and on the first lines of the song it was so real. This a good moving on song for your douchebag ex and let him see that you’re happy without him.



IT AIN’T ME ( Selena Gomez and Kygo )

When I saw this online I was curious about it and I like Selena Gomez and I am excited to hear about it. I like the beat of the song especially Kygo make the sound of it. I think the song is about a relationship that unfortunately broken and she was telling that she is not there anymore for him and she was reminiscing about the relationship.  I heard and read online that this song is for Justin Bieber but of course we’re are not sure of it. Anyways, the song is a positive party anthem you’ll definitely be dancing to. ( NOTE: Since this is just an audio and there’s no music video I’ll just post Kygo and Selena’s gif )



PARIS ( The Chainsmokers )

Wow! I love the Chainsmokers. They are really good. Can I just say .. Andrew Taggart is HOT!!! Heavy breathing… Well, I actually can’t explain the lyrics of the song I think I can apply this to a relationship. I guess it’s like you’re proving to other people that your relationship is strong and get away to others and just have fun. I tried to search the real meaning of this song and I found a link which explains it all.CLICK ME.. SONG PROFESSOR



STARVING ( Hailee Steinfield, Zedd and Grey )

It’s funny that this was released last year and I just love it like this year.. this month to be exact. The song is catchy and I love how Hailee sing the song it’s so perfect. For me, the song describes a new world to the a woman who like someone. What it feels like to be attracted to someone so deeply you feel like you’re losing control when they’re near. The song is sweet, catchy and just so adorable when you are listening to it. The way the instrument played.



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Revival with Selena


Selena Gomez’s has a new album and it’s called “Revival” and it was released this year. Selena is Taylor’s bff. I love her latest songs because I love the melody of the song and I can relate to her songs. She is a singer and an actress,too. She used to be from Disney. I love her cherubic face and eyes. I was surprise to know that she has auto-immune disease called “Lupus”. So sad to hear about this but she is a fighter and she is strong. I hope she will be fine soon. Let’s go back to her album. While checking online in her album she has 11 tracks in her album including two of my favorites. Honestly, I’ve only heard “Me and the Rhythm”, “Good For You” and “Same Old Love”. I have top three favorites songs of her but the other one is from another album “For You” and was released last year.

1.The Heart Wants What It Wants – I love this song because it mean something.When I saw her video on You tube I feel her pain before the song start and she says:

    “When I was on, I was on stage And I was thinking of I felt like I know I   know him though And I know that I know his heart And I know what he wouldn’t do to hurt me but I didn’t realize that I’m feeling so confident feeling so great about myself and it just be completely shattered by one thing by simply so stupid but then you make me feel crazy you make me feel like it’s my fault. I was in pain”.

 Like in you’re in this relationship and you are not happy anymore. You’re mind wants to let go but your heart is still there and you are suffering from pain and sadness.


Fave Line:


      2. Good For You feat ASAP Rocky – She wants to be special in every way  and just want to feel good about herself and she wants to be beautiful if she is with her significant other. Just being proud with herself and for being with the guy that she loves.


   Fave Line :


3. Same Old Love – This song is referring with the ex and dissing that person. You are tired with the love that you feel for him especially your relationship with that person. You want to leave that shitty past behind.


     Fave Line:


These are the latest songs that I love. My question now : Is there someone in your life that makes you feel shitty especially in a relationship? What did you do?

Thanks for reading 🙂 Much Love ❤