Busy Mode ( Weekend Hangover Pt. 1 ) Late Post!!!

I was too busy last weekend… Booked… I still have a hangover with my weekend and it was a blast. Days are passing by and I still feel tired.  I will tell you about it…


Saturday, March 25,2017

My friend and I went to an event. It was a meet and greet with Michelle Dy. She is a famous Youtuber and Make-up guru here in the Philippines. Honestly, I’ve known here because one of my friends let me checked her videos and since then I am enjoying watching her videos/vlogs. I like her because she very natural when vlogging meaning to say what you is what you get. I was so excited to meet and her and luckily I had a selfie with her and she is so beautiful.


Ms. Michelle Dy

The event was held in URBN in Timog Avenue in Quezon city. It’s of the metro’s most distinguished lounges/nightclubs in Metro Manila.  Lining up outside the venue was so tiring and we were hungry,too. At last, we went in, the venue was full packed because there are a lot of people. I was so happy to see other vloggers,too. I already posted photos on my personal Instagram and Facebook account.

We went home past 6 o’clock in the evening. We really stayed and waited there so we can have photos with her. We were so happy after even if we were tired and hungry. Downside was we didn’t get any lootbags ( giveaways ). So sad. Well, that’s life.  Still it was great.


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Thank you. Mamshie Michelle… See you again on your next meet and greet! Lurve you ❤


Please check her vlogs : Michelle Dy ( Youtube )


“The weekends are too short for sleep!”
― Bryant A. Loney, To Hear The Ocean Sigh


Dee Weekend


Hello Friends! I am not really back but I just miss blogging about me and writing. I am so busy with many things this month and maybe next month. How are you guys??? I miss you all ❤


Oh yeah that’s me lately. It’s summer and I have plans with friends and co-workers. I posted some photos with my weekend especially bonding time with mom and my niece. I am just enjoying some time with them and even at work I am quite busy.


I am so happy that last weekend I went out with my mom and I stayed with her at the mall and it’s really surprising when we saw a long line on the middle area of the mall and I am super duper happy “FREE PIZZA!!!”. It’s one slice but the craving for the pizza was worth it.




Greenwich Free Hawaiian Pizza


Oh yeah!! Mom and Me ( Picture time!!! )


It’s summer and of course here in the Philippines it’s a hottah hottah day every single day. As my mom promised to buy me “Halo-Halo”. If you are curious what is it

Haluhalo or Halohalo (Tagalog: [haluˈhalo], “mixed together”) is a popular Filipino dessert with mixtures of shaved ice and evaporated milk to which are added various boiled sweet beans, jello and fruits. It is served in a tall glass or bowl.

We went to Chowking –> famous chinese fast food restaurant here in the Philippines and we ordered Halo-Halo. Mom ordered the small size and the woman told us to add 3 pesos to have more ingredients. I am satisfied with my cravings on this :


Halo-Halo on this Summer


I had a lot of happenings this day but the photos are still on my phone and once I upload it I will post more about my weekend 🙂