Love is… ( Day 108 )


Not everyone knows your love story. Loving someone doesn’t need an explanation. The gestures and signs of being together means a lot. Action speaks louder than words.


Love is… ( Day 103 )


A lot of you can relate in here. All I can say is “HE IS MINE AND ONLY MINE”. Sounds selfish but hey, that’s the way it should be. You are in relationship so you are couple. Only the two of you. Not three – not more than that. I am kinda selfish when it comes to Nigel. For me, yes he is handsome and some women like foreign guys that are handsome and cute. But sorry there’s a large barrier. hahahaha 😛  Sorry for being selfish. Yes he is single but he is taken by me.

Love is… ( Day 100 )


Wow!!! This is the 100th love is.. comic strip and I am happy that I reach this. I am truly inspired and love to share it with you guys 🙂


I watched the movie “Wedding Singer” and Adam Sandler sang this song ” Grow Old With You “. Growing old with the person you love most is one of the best part of a love story. Everyone really wants to be with the person  they love most.