Long Distance Relationship Will It Lasts?


This modern world, many people are trying online-dating and many couples find themselves in long-distance relationships. But do they last? Being together with your partner is believed to help and maintain romantic relationships by giving people a chance to understand each other, and yet, some long distance relationships tend to last. Researchers suggest that one reason long distance relationships last is because they are likely to have the idea of having a romantic relationship with their partner or the tendency to describe their relationship in unrealistically positive terms.


Couples that are in long distance relationships tend to look back about their relationship in a more positive way. Being positive in the relationship can lead them to believe they have a lot more in common, regardless of whether or not they really do. Partners in long distance relationship have the advantage of always showing most positive way possible in maintaining the idea of the relationship. In other words, people in long distance relationships rarely see all the daily ups and downs of their partner’s mood and attitude.


There are times that when they close the distance there are some couples break up because they already know their partners personality. Distance can prevent partners from learning about each others negative qualities thus only creating an overly positive impression. The relationship may be happy and stable they are not together but in reality can become quite disappointing once back together.


How can you make your long distance relationship last long? Some couples said that long distance relationship can last long by increasing the amount of communication. And this modern world, there are plenty of ways to increase it. Social media sites, messenger, text messaging, phone calls, and emails can supplement face-to-face communication. Others said that TRUST is also important in this relationship. Don’t give 100% you need to  And BEING COMMITTED is one of the reasons,too. Even though your partner is miles apart you are committed to your partner and you are not allowed to look for another partner because the reason is you miss your partner.


GOOD COMMUNICATION with your partner is one of the key so your long distance relationship will last. Make sure to talk about everything, just as if you see your partner every day. When you are unable to close the distance yet, you and your partner need to develop other more creative and unique ways to become intimate with each other. Partners that take active and strive to get know each other will have a more realistic idea of their relationship, and will make their Long Distance Relationships Last.



“Distance is not for the fearful, it is for the bold. It’s for those who are willing to spend a lot of time alone in exchange for a little time with the one they love. It’s for those knowing a good thing when they see it, even if they don’t see it nearly enough…”



In a Relationship : Foreigner Boyfriend


I am in a relationship and I am PROUD of it. My boyfriend is a foreigner and he is English. It’s just that there people who will judge why do you like foreigners. I know that there are people that can relate to me but there are some that feels envious about the relationship. I do feel bad whenever I hear people murmuring or gazing at us (especially me )  whenever we pass by them. I’ve experienced that when he was here for a vacation ( his first visit ). I know that you can’t stop other people from criticizing the relationship.


Before I prefer to have a Filipino boyfriend because I know that there will be spark between us. After experiencing the heartbreaks I promise myself not to have another Filipino boyfriend. I don’t judge all of them but after the same reasons of having my heartbroken I think it’s enough. ( Enough… enough…!!!). Now, let’s start… I will share that there are disadvantages and advantages of having a foreigner boyfriend.



  • Cultural differences this can be a disadvantage and an advantage because it’s good that you can learn a new culture and you will more expose to it but sometimes there are couples that are having a conflict because of adapting of each others cultures.Be more optimistic to it because you are learning another culture and I think it’s a cool thing to do ( especially food you will discover new taste and special kind of foods )


  • There is an instance that you can have  miscommunication because of languages ( Language Barrier ). There are times that learning another language and pronouncing the words properly is difficult. Learning each others language is fun and interesting because it can help you to communicate more to your partner’s relatives and friends.


  •  Migrating to which country will stay ( if it’s her or his ). Who will migrate is you or your partner. There will be a lot of discussion to make and the decision making can be a headache. So the best thing is the both of you need to talk more about it and try to share their ideas about migrating.


  •  This is the fear of all, being in Long Distance Relationship. Not being together. Miles and miles apart form each other. This can be hard. I know because I am in this situation but communication is the key. You need to communicate with each other just a simple or quick text to send to you partner is enough. Loyalty needs to be there,too. If you are in a relationship you are committed and it means it’s only your partner even you are two worlds apart.


  • There are times that other people will think that you have partner that is a foreigner because of money or visa. Discrimination of other people is always there and present at all times. I experienced it and there are times that it was difficult to handle and I can’t hide my feelings. I don’t share it to him but he knows that I was hurt whenever other people are murmuring or gazing at us.


“You can talk with someone for years, everyday, and still, it won’t mean as much as what you can have when you sit in front of someone, not saying a word, yet you feel that person with your heart, you feel like you have known the person for forever…. connections are made with the heart, not the tongue.”
― C. JoyBell C.

Love Ain’t Enough, Love Fades too


If it’s about Love everyone is excited to hear and it’s a hot topic to discuss. There is a song that inspired me to write this post. It’s like we found love and we are happy with the relationship but why there are times it’s difficult to keep it? Love is a beautiful thing, until it fades away. From the lyrics of the song :

” But there’s a danger in loving somebody to much,
and it’s sad when you know it’s your heart you can’t trust.
There’s a reason why people don’t stay where they are.
Baby, sometimes love just ain’t enough.”

Why love fades? What happen to the relationship that once like a fairy tale and so perfect?

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There are some people that are not realistic when it comes to relationship or love. They expect it like fairy tales and romantic movies. There are some cases that when reality bites they will feel bad and disappointed about their relationship. The colorful and bright changes to dark and gloomy. In this cases, we need to grow up and don’t expect too much.Feeling appreciated and special play an important role in the relationship. In the beginning of the relationship everything is much appreciated but what happen when time flies? That’s why there are some couple feel that the relationship is not all worth it.

Why is it loving too much can ruin the relationship? It’s because we’re being possessive with our partner and we don’t trust them. When are in love you have to weigh in everything. How many percent? For yourself? For your partner? We shouldn’t give it all. It’s risky but you need to ask yourself if everything is worth the risk.


They say that it’s better for the relationship when your partner is with you because the love will stay and won’t fade but I don’t believe in it. For me, there are some close distance that their love fades because of losing attraction to each other. There are times that we are too familiar with each other that’s why love fades. Familiarity can be the reason because we know our partner too much. Instead that we think of them as our partners it leads to friendship. The feeling is changing without any notice.

Arguments and misunderstandings like we all know is always there in the relationship but there are some relationship that I think they don’t know how to handle arguments and misunderstandings. Being honest about our feelings can sometimes too hard to say. When we get into the habit of swallowing our feelings and turning against our partner rather than stating how we feel, it’s not a good sign at all. Some people give up so easily because of this reason but it’s better to talk about it.


If the one you love breaks your heart so badly that you feel bitter and unhappy and the trust that you had wasn’t there anymore we feel that we fall out of love for sure. Love and Trust  are needed in the relationship it won’t be a real relationship if there’s absence. Forgiveness can be given but to the fact that they hurt you love fades.
Yes, love becomes boring  and love does fade with time. Its law of nature. Everything fades. The roses that he gave you from the red petals to brown to black. The love letters that you keep the writings fade because you keep it for so long.  Everything is gonna end. So is love.
So, if there’s a chance to stay together you need to find ways to keep your love alive. I know that you both know each other and how to hold on to the love and relationship that you have. Obstacles are the just tests for the both of you. If you give up easily it means that you don’t treasure each others love. Love ain’t enough and love fades but be strong and hold on.
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” Never love anybody who treats you like ordinary.”

– Oscar Wilde

It’s Been Awhile

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Why CLOSURE hurts most?

 Last time I posted about : BREAK-UP

This is the second topic that I have in mind. This is short and very simple post but surely you can learn from it.


What does CLOSURE really mean? Why it is hard to move on and leave the past behind? Why do still feel the pain after break up even you are in good terms? When you meet you think you already moved on but it’s not the what you think . There are times through help of friends and relatives you are picking up the pieces that had been shattered. But sometimes we can’t get over the past. There are times that we can’t understand ourselves why the other person leaves or cheats. And because we still love the person and we invested much on the relationship we can’t stop thinking them.

It’s so easy to say that you have move on but it’s not easy to do it. If you check the meaning of closure in the dictionary :  To attempt to ‘move on’ following the termination of a relationship with another individual. Do we really understand it? It’s really important to have closure because we can’t fully move on or accept that we are not in the relationship anymore. If there’s no closure we can’t commit, trust or be in a relationship for the next time. 

Closure fails because there are situations that they don’t fully understand it. Some people will break up and then make up so they can’t have the peace that they wanted. All of the situations can be harder to leave because of the reality of it all. Being together and staying is easy but you can’t feel any happiness when you are with them.





Why Some Guys Are Afraid Of COMMITMENTS?


I know that not all guys like commitments and there are reasons behind it. While I was talking to a friend, we had a heart to heart talk and she told me the reason why the guy she likes doesn’t want to commit. She gives me an idea to write a blog post about it. I ask some of my friends about this topic and I will list it down below :

He has PRIORITIES – This can be the top of the list. But all of us have priorities in life. I think that he doesn’t want to commit it’s because his family, friends and career is more important. He doesn’t want to have conflicts between you and him.


He is NOT SURE IF YOU’RE RELATIONSHIP WILL WORKCommitments have risk and it’s not good to hear if he invests too much and it won’t work the way he wanted it to be. But you can’t be sure if you won’t be in the relationship.


He is after THE SEX – This is for real. Some guys are just out there doing this all the time. Most of his relationship involves sex.


He NOT INTO YOU – He may find you nice and fun but he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you. It’s a “FriendZone” for you and it’s too difficult to handle but you have to accept it and move on.


He DOESN’T WANT DEEPER RELATIONSHIP – He really isn’t ready to be in a relationship. He might find it to difficult to be with someone.


RELATIONSHIP is NOT in his vocabulary – Avoiding ” THE REAL SCORE ” between you and him. He is not taking it seriously and he is not exclusive.


He CHANGES HIS ACTIONS  – He likes you now and  will act like he is your boyfriend. Then the next time you meet he will changes the actions because he realizes that he is not ready to commit.


He is JUST PLAYIN’ – There are chances that he will lose in dating other women. He just wants to goof around with others and being committed is not on his list.


He is IN LOVE SOMEONE ELSE – He is in love but the bad thing is… it’s not YOU. He has someone in his mind.


He is not FINANCIALLY STABLEWomen wants to be secured in the relationship so some guys are thinking twice to be committed because money is important for the future.


These are just few reasons. There are more but I can’t list it all. Anyway, I still respect some other men reasons but I just hope that in time they will have the courage to commit in the relationship if they are sure that they love the woman.

“Credits to my friends JEM and BARTY for the suggestion and helping me on this post. <3″


” Sometimes good relationships end not due to the absence of love but because of the lack of commitment and dedication.”




When To End “US”


Ending up a relationship is too hard to handle. Makes me you feel s***. Ooppss! Sorry for the words. “Let’s break up!” it is easy to say right!  What if you both realize one day that you are not both meant for each other. Okay! I watch a lot of romantic movies and sometimes it ends up like this. There are many things that can lead to ending up your relationship. Arguments. Misunderstandings. Falling out of love. It’s not you,it’s me ( this is a WHATEVER reason! ) . When can you feel that you needed to end up the word “US” and be “HIS and HER”.

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Spaces between US. No doubt this can lead to break up. It’s okay to say that you need your “ME” time but if it is too much that way you can’t have your time with your partner. It’s better to say “bye-bye!”


No Effort for US. If you both feel that the relationship is getting nowhere but your the only one who do all the efforts it’s better to pack up the scene and leave. Always remember that it’s not always you and me there should be us.


Lies too many lies. This can destroy a relationship. The trust that you both build to each other is fading and all gone. You pretend that everything between us are okay but it’s not.


Avoiding US. It means that when you call or send messages your partner doesn’t care at all. Or almost all of the times you turn off your phone or go on a silent mode. When you see him/her faraway you just go away or poof! You’re not listening to what he/she is talking or making an eye to eye contact with your partner.


Not having fun with US. You get mad easily if your partner jokes on you. Get offended for nothing. You find yourself in a bad mood for nothing. You are not excited to meet or just be lazy to see each other. If you are together you want to shorten the time.


No Future for US. If we are enjoying our relationship we dream and plan a lot together. Even if your relationship is still fresh you can see him/her in the future. Having a family and waking up beside your partner. If the relationship is at the near end all of it is nothing and you the future for you both are so blurry.


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Yes, it’s better to end up US than to stay in the relationship that you are not happy with. The feeling is like locking in a prison and wanting to be free. Time and Love heals remember. If you are not meant to be together probably there is someone better for you!

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“Breakups hurt, but losing someone who doesn’t respect and appreciate you is actually a gain, not a loss.”