What Does?

What does it feel like to be lonely?
Like no friends, no enemies and no one in this world

What does it feel like to be empty?
No one to talk to and share secrets with

What does it feel like to be hurt?
Crying alone and feeling pain inside




What does it feel like to run?
Running from the problems and anxiety that you are feeling

What does it feel like not to be with others?
Walking and hearing murmurs when passing by

What does it feel like to be YOU?
I know you are in pain and you need someone to be with.
I know you’re falling apart but just look at me ..
Tell me…
What’s on your mind?
and let me know…


I worried too much….


I admit that I am a worrier. I worry a lot that’s why I feel the stress more. I know that being a worrier is a big NO-NO. I just can’t help it. Nigel told me to relax and don’t think too much about problems because it won’t help me at all. While relaxing, I tried to find ways not to mind it.


1. Don’t Stress Yourself Too Much. – Stress is a word that a lot of people know and it is within you it will stay longer unless you leave it behind. Being stress can think your more negatively and can focus more on bad things. What you have to do is let loose of yourself. You can try to go for a walk, watch movies, write about something, eat out and have a good shower.


2. Stop Being a Perfectionist. – Some of us are afraid to make mistakes.Your standards will be so high that you’ll also be dissatisfied with the result that other people would find acceptable. You won’t be contented with what you are doing at work or school.


3. Focus. – Being focus with one thing at a time can help you stop worrying too much. You’re not thinking a lot. Your mind won’t be crowded. Too many thoughts can make yourself struggle on a daily basis.


4. Talking to friends or relatives that close to you. – Talking can help you release the stress that you are in to. This is just a simple thing that other people can help you. Nobody can take away your worries but when others showing you that they care it means much.


5. Fear Less – Too many questions on your mind can take over your life. The ” what if? ”  questions are not a good question for yourself. What you can do is try to visualize that the problem is finished. Then try to think of the positive result of the problem that you are thinking of.


I know I make mistakes.. I am human … I am not perfect.. We all are…


“Worry a little bit every day and in a lifetime you will lose a couple of years. If something is wrong, fix it if you can. But train yourself not to worry. Worry never fixes anything.”
– Mary Hemingway

Do We Need A Second Chance?


For me, I don’t really want to go to my past especially my exes it’s not worth it. Honestly, I can be friends with them but in a relationship is a big “NO” for me. Past is past and it will never be my Present and Future. Can love be sweeter the second time around?  As I was reading online in an article, it was written that 51% believe in it. They said that sometimes you end up a relationship wrongly. Reasons that are not supposed to be bothered about. Why do we need to take back our past relationship and start a new happy relationship with your ex?

❣️ \/\/ ❣️ \/\/ ❣️ \/\/ ❣️ \/\/ ❣️ \/\/ ❣️ \/\/ ❣️ \/\/ ❣️ \/\/ ❣️

Feelings oh Feelings! If the sparks are still there but you can’t accept that you still want to be with that person.There are couples that they will have a sudden break up and waking up one day regretting everything. Just like Selena Gomez’s song : The Heart Wants What It Wants. If your heart is beating fast whenever you are with him/her it means that he/she is still special. Just remember that the love is still there between “US”.


Building Trust is Important!  Since you will do a fresh start with him/her. You will build a new trust. But now take note that you will not give it all. The 100%. Leave something for yourself in case. When you get back together try to seek some advice from friends or family about starting your relationship with him/her.


We Need to Change! Yes, it’s true. It’s not the past so you have to focus on the present that you are together. Try to communicate and talk every issues clearly. Learn to have limitations and set rules in your relationship. It’s different now. Change takes time and it won’t be easy  but you can do it step by step. If you are into arguments and misunderstandings, Sit Down…Listen… Talk.. Make Up…


I’m doing HIS part, I’m doing MY part! This is important. If you both think that you are both giving importance. When you think the efforts that you did was all worth it for your new relationship. Why not give it another try?


❣️ \/\/ ❣️ \/\/ ❣️ \/\/ ❣️ \/\/ ❣️ \/\/ ❣️ \/\/ ❣️ \/\/ ❣️ \/\/ ❣️

I know that it’s difficult to forgive and forget the past. We can move on and sometime comeback for a special reasons. If you think he/she is worth everything. You can start new love. Just take it slowly and surely.

❣️ \/\/ ❣️ \/\/ ❣️ \/\/ ❣️ \/\/ ❣️ \/\/ ❣️ \/\/ ❣️ \/\/ ❣️ \/\/ ❣️


 ” Maybe sometimes Love needs a second chance because it wasn’t ready the first time around.”

Sadness in Me


I tried to hide this pain

I want to be quiet but I can’t

Why do I have to know about it?

I can’t explain

All I want to do is cry

The sadness in me is getting stronger

I do trust you

You know how much I love you

I know she’s your past

But why it hurts me deep inside

The sadness in me is not getting better

Tears are still running down and I can’t stop

I think it’s better to spend sometime alone

Than be with you and in pain

I’m not Ready


I’m not ready to fall

Not ready to love

Not ready to kiss and hug

Not ready to cuddle up with you every night

Not ready to hold hands

Not ready to dance with you in the rain

Not ready with your proposal

Not ready to walk down the aisle

Not ready to have the baby that you want much

Not ready grow old with you

But when the time comes that I am  ready to start

You look at me and say “maybe later or never”.